Survival of the Fittest BUGS in the NSLS

I. So, P. Siddons
NSLS - Brookhaven National Laboratory

Beamline User Group Software (BUGS) were originally introduced into the over 90 NSLS beamlines by the PRT's, with no attempt to ensure uniformity among the different PRTs. Their survival depended on their fitness to the experiment and the competition from other BUGS. Some BUGS can be bought from commercial vendors. Others are home grown. The expectations of users of BUGS have changed dramatically since NSLS was commissioned, and it seems apropriate to review the situation in a modern light.

The characteristics of the dominant BUGS in the different domains of NSLS experiments will be examined and categorized. An attempt will be made to unnaturally select (i.e. to try to form a rational basis for selection of) BUGS that might dominate the evolving NSLS environment in the next 5 to 10 years based on these characteristics.

The major BUGS currently under consideration are EPICS and LabView.

(posted 13-Nov-97 jw)