Graphical User Interfaces for CCP13 Software

G.R. Mant R.C. Denny
CLCR, Daresbury Laboratory

The Collaborative Computational Project (CCP13) for fibre diffraction is now in its sixth year. Its primary role is too develop and coordinate software for the analysis of fibre and polymer diffraction images.

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) have been developed for two CCP13 programs FIT and FIX. Both of these programs require a good deal of interaction with the user, so provision of robust and intuitive GUIs represents a considerable improvement in the programs user-friendliness.

The GUIs have been constructed using the OSF/Motif widget set using the UIM/X GUI builder. This allows rapid prototyping of the interface and provides many tools for generating and maintaining the code required to define the interface and its behaviour.

XFIX has been designed ascertain information such as the pattern centre, detector orientation and fibre tilt in diffraction patterns. The task of the GUI is to handle the display of images, collect information specifying regions of the data and to communicate with the program FIX which performs much of the underlying processing.

XFIT provides a flexible system for fitting one-dimensional data and is particularly suited to fitting sequences of time frames. The program FIT performs the non-linear least squares fitting process given an initial model and parameter set provided by the GUI.

(posted 17-Nov-97 jw)