Current state and prospects of PV-WAVE based applications.

E.I. Litvinenko
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

The development of the applications on base of such commercial packages for visual data analysis as IDL and PV-WAVE has become a fact in some of the neutron centers. The proposed report includes a brief summary of the existing PV-WAVE applications developed at FLNP of JINR, some information regarding the development which have been just started for HMI, and an overview of the aspects of the usage of PV-WAVE server by web clients.

The list of existing applications in FLNP consist of the tools for experimental data access, manipulations and visualisation with GUI based on PV-WAVE Point&Click package, 3D neutron PSD data viewer with GUI based on Wave Widgets, and the data processing server - a component of the distributed information system for IBR-2 status presentation on the web.

New offers of Visual Numerics regarding possibility to use PV-WAVE as a graphics and numerics server through the Internet will be considered and discussed.

(posted 21-Oct-97 jw)