NeXus File Archive for Data Acquisition

T. Kluegel, R. Aguilar, G. Cooper, A. Nichols III, R. Nelson, J. Ross, J. Sandoval, J. Seal, P. Trujillo, and B. Williams
Los Alamos National Laboratory

In support of new neutron scattering instruments in design at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, we have initiated the development of a new data acquisition system. This paper will identify and demonstrate work in progress with focus on data storage.

To ensure the data is accessible to the broadest collection of new data analysis tools, our output files will be formatted in the NeXus file format. As a first step we have built a utility to move legacy data into the new HDF-based NeXus format. We will report problems we perceive with the specification (e.g. bin boundaries for histograms), a strategy for successor versions of NeXus, and we will demonstrate a GUI interface for browsing through our archive of NeXus files.

(posted 18-Nov-97 jw)