frame_integrate: A generalized suite for spatial integration of two-dimensional diffraction data

M.S. Capel
Brookhaven National Laboratory

frame_integrate is a suite of programs that perform front-end data reduction (spatial integration) of 2D diffraction images from all common imaging detectors (e.g. multi-wire detectors, image plate scanners, CCD detectors). The package includes image data visualizers and graphical interfaces that permit the user to program a large variety of spatial integrations (eg. circular, sectorial, azimuthal, summing along norms to central and arbitrary vectors). frame_integrate also optimizes many experimental parameters (e.g. beam center, distortion and mis-setting of detector orientation, sample-to-detector distance, etc). The integrators compensate for a variety of projective distortions (e.g. detector inclination, incomensurate x- and y-detector scales). The suite is freely distributed and documented via the webb in executable form for Linux, Irix, Solaris and OSF at URL: Currently supported detector formats include: Mar 300 and 345, Raxis II and IV, all Fuji scanners, SMV compliant CCD systems. Modifications are underway for output under the NEXUS framework and input using run-time-defined detector formats.

(posted 21-Oct-97 jw)