Open GENIE Data Analysis and Visualisation Program

F.A. Akeroyd and C.M. Moreton-Smith
ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Open GENIE is a multi-platform (Alpha/VMS, PC/Linux, Alpha/Digital UNIX, SGI/Irix, and soon PC/Windows NT) data analysis and visualisation tool, with an emphasis on providing user configurability. While initially designed for analysing neutron scattering data at ISIS, the package can easily be tailored to analyse and display data from other sources. For example, GENIE provides powerful ASCII reading routines and is able to both read and write NeXus format data files.

At the heart of Open GENIE is a command line, which supports a wide variety of graphics primitives and built-in operations. The command line is programmable, and users can also add new commands to the language by writing PROCEDURES (similar to FORTRAN SUBROUTINES) in GCL (GENIE Command Language); in addition, a mechanism is provided for linking in existing FORTRAN programs for either reading in external data or for processing data held within Open GENIE.

A graphical interface is currently under development using the Tk/Tcl package and will also be demonstrated. Again, this is easily configurable as buttons and menus are attached to existing (or user added) GCL commands and then used to drive the underlying program.

(posted 11-Nov-97 jw)