Abstracts submitted for NOBUGS 97

Instrument Control System Features Created on the Basis of the X11/OS-9 Package by A. Kirilov and J. Heinitz

RMC Methods for Data Analysis: Using Software to Enhance Experiments and Save Beam Time by R.L. McGreevy

A High Performance Data Acquisition System for Structural Biology by M. Westbrook, T. Coleman and R. Daly

Genetic Algorithms in Low Resolution Protein Structure Determination by E. Pantos, P. Chacon, F. Moran, J. Diaz and J. Andreu

Statistics in Small-Angle Scattering Using Area Detectors by J. Barnes and T. Prosa

Better Access for Regular use of Networked Software by D. Richard and G.J. Kearley

Distributed Instrument Control on the DND-CAT Beamlines at the APS by J. Quintana

DIXIE: Web-Based Remote Control of a Medium Resolution Double-Crystal Small-Angle Spectrometer by J.A. Kohl, G.A. Geist II, P.H. Worley, and M. Yethiraj

Daresbury Computing Facility Report by S. Kinder

PXGEN: A General-Purpose Graphical User Interface for Protein Crystallography Experimental Control and Data Acquisition by S. Kinder, S.M. McSweeney, E.M.H. Duke, D.W. Fry, S.G. Buffey, and G.M. Ellis [poster only]

The "Crystallographic Binary File" (CBF) Format by A. Hammersley and R.M. Sweet

Overview of the ESRF Instrument Control Software by J. Klora

Experiences in Development of Reliable and Bug-Free User-Group Software for Macromolecular Crystallography: The NSLS Beamline X12-C System by R.M. Sweet and J.M. Skinner

Web-based Remote Control and Monitoring of Experimental Apparatus: The System at NSLS Beamline X12C by J.M. Skinner and R. Sweet

The IPNS Data Acquisition System by J.P. Hammonds, R.K. Crawford, J.R. Haumann, and J.T. Weizeorick

Web-Based Data Acquisition by R.O. Nelson, R. Aquilar, G. Cooper, T. Kluegel, J. Ross, J. Sandoval, J. Seal, P. Trujillo, and B. Williams

Improving the Optimization Techniques in LaueView by S.J. Wright, Z. Ren, R. Sheng, and M. Nayakkankuppan

The Materials Microcharacterization Collaboratory: Scientific Collaboration over the Internet by M.C. Wright and C.R. Hubbard

Spector and MIRROR: PC based Scattering Data Collection and Reduction Software by W.A. Hamilton, J.B. Hayter and P.D. Butler (Poster Only)

What Can Software Developers do with Spec? by G. Swislow

A data format to emcompass all formats - myth or reality? by C.M. Moreton-Smith

Supercomputing Data Analysis with example on the APS CATs by G. von Laszewski, M. Westbrook, C. Barnes, and I. Foster

Overview of the Software Setup at the ESRF by B. Pulford

frame_integrate: A generalized suite for spatial integration of two-dimensional diffraction data by M.S. Capel

Rapid Interfacing of Control Hardware (RICH) on Beamlines by A. Goetz and J. Klora

Current state and prospects of PV-WAVE based applications by E.I. Litvinenko

PC-based Control and Data Acquisition System by H. Mio, H. Amenitsch, W. Leingartener and P. Laggner

Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Instruments by P.A. Seeger, L.L. Daemen and R.P. Hjelm, Jr.

A Web-based Instrument Design Application to Support MCLIB by T. G. Thelliez, P.A. Seeger, L.L Daemon, and R.P. Hjelm Jr.

Software for a new Ultra-Dilute XAFS Station by P. Stephenson, C. Ramsdale, J. Knowles, J. Beech and D. Lewis [poster only]

The Program 'ROTGEN' by J.W. Campbell [poster only]

Overview of EPICS-based beamline software by T. Mooney, N. Arnold, J. Sullivan, B.-C. Cha, K. Goetze, D. Wallis, B. Banerjee and F. Carter

MX: A portable toolkit for data acquisition and control by W.M. Lavender

TOF-VIS, Software for Interactive Exploration of Time-of-Flight Data by T. Worlton and D. Mikkelson

The Automatic Beamline Alignment Project on the ESRF MAD (BM 14) Beamline by S.O. Svensson and R. Pugliese

Performing Measurements with SPECTRA by T. Kracht

Improved Reflectivity Fitting Using SERF (Spreadsheet Environment Reflectivity Fitting) by K.A. Welp and C. Co [poster only]

d*TREK: Advanced Data Acquisition and Processing with Area Detectors by J.W. Pflugrath, B.R. Vincent, T.L. Hendrixson, and J.D. Ferrara

Open GENIE Data Analysis and Visualization Program by F.A. Akeroyd and C.M. Moreton-Smith [poster only]

Beamline control using LabVIEW and EPICS on the PNC-CAT beamline at the APS by D.L. Brewe, K.H. Kim, R. Gordon and S.M. Heald [poster only]

Status of porting EPICS to the LynxOS/Pentium platform by T.V. Salikova, A.D. Oreshkov, Y. Wu, and J.M.J. Madey [poster only]

Project for developing a low cost and high performance version of EPICS by T.V. Salikova, A.D. Oreshkov, Y. Wu, and J.M.J. Madey[poster only]

Collaborative XDC: cXDC by G. Bunker, J. Schug, and S. Stepanov[poster only]

Distributed Beamline Control System at SSRL by T.M. McPhillips, S.M. Soltis, H.D. Bellamy, P. Kuhn, and R.P. Phizackerly

Survival of the Fittest BUGS in the NSLS by I. So and P. Siddons [poster only]

Graphical User Interfaces for CCP13 Software by G. R. Mant and R.C. Denny [poster only]

Data acquisition tools in Tcl/Tk by N. C. Maliszowskyj and P. Klosowki [poster only]

Software Components for Data Acquisition by G.M. Cooper, R. Aguilar, T. Kluegel, R. Nelson, J. Ross, J. Sandoval, J. Seal, P. Trujillo and B. Williams [poster only]

NeXus File Archive for Data Acquisition by T.J. Kluegel, R. Aguilar, G. Cooper, R. Nelson, A. Nichols III, J. Ross, J. Sandoval, J. Seal, P. Trujillo and B. Williams [poster only]

Tcl extensions for data manipulation and display by P. Klosowki and N. Maliszewskyj [poster only]

SICS: SINQ instrument control software by M. Koennecke and H. Heer

NXDICT: a dictionary based approach for writing NeXus data by M. Koennecke

NeXus: a proposal for s common data exchange format for neutron scattering and x-ray instruments by M. Koennecke, P. Klosowski, J. Tischler, and R. Osborn

NSLS-DAC: A Beamline Control and Data Acquisition Package by J.P. Kirkland, L.R. Furenlid, and A.J. Mayer

IDL 5.0 Tutorial by F. Kelly and G. Schamp [Vendor Tutorial]

The hypertext information system on pulsed neutron sources and scientific investigations based on these sources by E.I. Litvinenko, E.P. Akishina, Y.A. Astakhov, R.P./ Semenov, and I.S. Smolkov [Poster Only]

SRS Computing Support by M. Enderby[Poster Only]

BARNS Poster: Better Access for Regular use of Networked Software by D. Richard and D. Kearley[Poster Only]

LAMP Large Array Manipulation Program by D. Richard and D. Kearley [poster only] SICS: SINQ instrument control software by M. Koennecke and H. Heer[poster only]

Introduction to Tcl/Tk by P. Jemian[tutorial]

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