Fifth International Workshop

on Accelerator Alignment

ANL/FNAL October 13 - 17, 1997

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The following sketch shows the layout of the vendor area at the APS exhibit hall. The approximate area size for each assigned vendor booth is listed in the following table. The vendor exhibit area is open to the public all the time and can not be locked. On request a nearby lockable room can be provided to store small valuable items such as labtop computers over night.

Nanotech 19' x 6'   SMX Corp. 26' x 10'
Geotronics 26' x 10'   Quest Int. 26' x 10'
Metronor 19' x 6'   LEICA Inc. 26' x 10'
Hubbs Mach. 19' x 10'   Brunson Inst. 26' x 10'

Conference Center Gallery

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