Fifth International Workshop

on Accelerator Alignment

ANL/FNAL October 13 - 17, 1997

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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce and invite you to the Fifth International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment (IWAA97). The workshop will be held jointly by Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Laboratory from October 13 - 17, 1997 at Argonne. Please join us to discuss recent developments in the field of Accelerator Alignment. For the first time a sub-session of the IAG/FIG will be part of this workshop.

The workshop organizing committee has planned six sessions over the course of four workshop days including a tour of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne and the Injector upgrade currently under construction at Fermi National Laboratory.

The workshop will be held at the new Advanced Photon Source Conference Center. The Argonne Guest House, located in close proximity to the Conference Center, will be utilized to accommodate the workshop participants.

With this announcement for the IWAA97 we would like to solicit the submittal of abstracts for the workshop. If you have access to the Internet and a Network browser please use the IWAA97 home page at URL under the Conferences and Meetings section to submit your registration and abstract. This home page contains most of the vital information for the workshop and will be frequently updated. New announcements and abstracts will posted there.

Should this option not be available to you please send a short e-mail note to our IWAA97 secretary Barbara Hall at ( ) or a fax to 011 630 252 5948 requesting the registration and abstract forms.

We wish all of you a happy and successful New Year and hope to welcome you at the opening of the IWAA97.


H. Friedsam (ANL), T. Sager (FNAL)


January 07, 1997

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