Author: C. Zhang

Institution: Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute

Co-Author: S. Matsui

Title of Presentation:

Alignment Result for the Magnet Units of SPring-8 Storage Ring


Installation of the magnets for the SPring-8 storage ring started from May, 1995 and completed in March, 1996. Before the commissioning in March, 1997 two rounds of magnet surveys are executed to give final magnet positions and take last adjustments. In this presentation the installation results for the storage ring magnet units are provided. Actually, the survey gives a precision better than 0.02 mm for the relative position between magnet units. Circumference error of the ring is 1.8 mm/1.44 km. By examining the three rounds of magnet surveys in horizontal, experiences in survey & alignment with the Leica's Smart 310 are presented.