Author: M. Takano

Institution: Toho University

Co-Author: S. Araki, Y. Funahashi, H. Hayano, T. Matsui, J. Urakawa

Title of Presentation:

Fine Alignment of the ATF Damping Ring


The Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) for a future linear collider has been constructed at KEK. The construction of the ATF damping ring was nearly finished in January 1997, and several studies of the damping ring were started. We will report on survey and alignment of the ATF damping ring. Two arc sections in the damping ring include 36 combined-function bending magnets, 72 quadrupole magnets, 68 sextupole magnets, and steering magnets. To obtain a low-emittance beam without bump tuning, these magnets should be aligned within 60 micro-m for the vertical direction and within 90 micro-m for the horizontal direction. We aligned those magnets on 36 active support tables using a 3D mobile tracking system.