Author: S. Dell'Agnello

Institution: INFN - LNF, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN

Co-Author: A. Ceccarelli, A. Di Virgilio, S. Moccia

Title of Presentation:

Survey and Alignment of the INFN Experiment KLOE at the LNF


The K LOng Experiment KLOE at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy, is an INFN special project designed to study CP violation and other K-physics topics at the DAFNE phi factory, starting from 1998. Main items of the survey and alignment program are: construction of the very large (4m diameter, 3.5m length) and lightweight (8mm wall thickness, complete C-fiber structure) drift tracking chamber, commissioning of the chamber stringing robotics, installation of KLOE assembly hall infrastructures, assembly of the highly segmented magnet yoke, alignment of the superconducting solenoid, measurement of the magnetic field in the tracking volume and in the e+/e- beam at the entrance in the yoke, installation of the chamber and calorimeters. This program is carried out with a large variety of instrumentation and techniques, which include: precision levelling (LEICA NA2) and polar measurement system (LEICA TC2002 with 26mm, 40mm, 88.9mm diamter corner cube reflectors), close range videgrammetry, 3D contact measurements. We also acknowledge extensive use of the powerful, bundle-adjustement software LGC, developed by CERN, as well as of the CERN geodetic interferometric base for reflector calibration in conjuction with the TC2002. Completion of this program provided the LNF with the chance of creating a Survey and Alignment Facility in the Research Division.