Author: W. Schwarz

Institution: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY


Title of Presentation:

Conception of the Alignment of the planned Linear Collider at DESY


At DESY it is planned to build a Linear Collider with a length of about 30 km. In the vertical the axis of the tunnel follows the earth curvature except of the first 6.5 km. In the tunnel there are 5 separate beam lines to be aligned. The components of each beam line have to be aligned in the transverse direction better than 0.5 mm and in the vertical better than 0.1 mm over a range of a betatron wave length (= 576 m). Therefore it is too inefficient to align each beam line separately. It will be more efficient to have only one basic measurement. Then the components of each beam line have to be connected to this reference system. In this report some ideas are discussed to align the components of the planned Linear Collider in respect of the required accuracy.