Author: W. Schauerte

Institution: Geodetic Institute of the University of Bonn

Co-Author: Dierk Deussen

Title of Presentation:

Determination of Vertical Refraction Using Digital Working Sensors


In the age of very precise and automatically measuring instruments the sufficient determination of the vertical refraction represents still the main problem on geodetic observations. In connection with CCD-technologies (digital levelling instruments, theodolites) different effects become visible. On the other hand in detecting the mean square displacement of a reference target or a reference scale in the focal plane of a digital working sensor system (camera, 4Quad-detector, etc.) as a result from the atmospheric boundary layer turbulence, the short-time fluctuations of the refrective index are becoming noticeable. By using the similarity theory of the meteorologists MONIN-OBUCHOW it is possible and one practicable way to derive the vertical refraction from these short-time effects.