Author: H. Wirth

Institution: Metronom GmbH

Co-Author: G. Moritz (GSI), H. Paluszek (Metronom)

Title of Presentation:

Implementation and first results of the survey and alignment of accelerator facilities at GSI using the TASA System


The TASA System has been presented for the first time at KEK (Japan) on the Fourth International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment (IWAA95). Now our system has got two years of practical use.

The TASA System is based on the systematic use of a total station including only polar measurements and inclination measurements from electronic inclinometers. All the machines at GSI site will be surveyed and adjusted with the TASA system. Up to now 70% of the devices have been modified to fit the new standard. All components had to be equipped with new adjusting points.

Our talk is intended as a report about the surveying work and our practical experience using the TASA system. A special accent will be put on the measurement of the energy storage ring (ESR) and the high energy transportation beam line (HEST). The art of interfacing two machines will be highlighted. Further the imbedding of a lasertracker in this polar constellation will be presented.