Author: B. Oshinowo

Institution: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Title of Presentation:

The Alignment Concept for the FERMILAB Recycler Ring using Permanent Magnet Technology


Fermilab is constructing a new antiproton storage ring, the "Recycler Ring", in the Main Injector tunnel directly above the Main Injector beamline. The Recycler Ring is a fixed 8 GeV kinetic energy storage ring and is constructed of permanent magnets. The 3319.4-meter-circumference Recycler Ring consists of 344 Gradient and 86 quadrupole magnets all of which are permanent magnets. This paper will discuss the concepts to be employed to align these permanent magnets within the Recycler Ring with respect to the specified accuracy. The specified alignment tolerances and error budgets necessary for aligning the permanent magnets will also be discussed. The Laser Tracking Interferometer will be the main instrumentation used for the magnet alignment.