Author: Seung-Chan Lee

Institution: Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Co-Author: Kwang-Won Seo, Ae-Hee Maeng

Title of Presentation:

Measurement of Storage Ring Deformation and Smoothing Analysis for Pohang Light Source


Since the Pohang Light Source (PLS), a 2 GeV synchrotron radiation source, started its operation from August 1994, the storage ring tunnel has moved by 1.0mm and 3.0mm per year in the horizontal and the vertical directions, respectively. Deformation by the ground motion give rise to offsets of the storage ring magnets from the designed path. We introduced a smoothing analysis using a low-pass filter method in order to estimate relative position errors close to the actual beam path of the storage ring. Based on the measurement of storage ring deformation and daily machine operation status, we have come up with an idea that the maximum offset of 2.0mm from the designed beam path is allowable. The results of the study on the relation between boundary conditions of the smoothing analysis and estimated relative position errors are described in this presentation.