Author: C. Lasseur

Institution: C.E.R.N


Title of Presentation:

Prospects of close range photogrammetry in large physics installations


CERN deals with using techniques of digital photogrammetry intensively both for experiment detectors and machine elements. These techniques seem to be the most attractive and well adapted to the specific demands for he LHC project for geometrical quality controls, CAO/CAD modelization processes and spatial positioning requirements. The CERN Positioning Metrology Group has gained some experience in utilizing a portable and complete off the shelf product and has treated various works relative to either detectors or accelerator units. The assembly schedules of the future and huge LHC detectors, Atlas and CMS, have planned the intensive use of digital photogrammetry at important phase staging from the internal fiducialisation processes up to the measurements of the 'as-built' data positions. Significant examples describing the main and the particular features of the system itself and the preparatory works towards the management and the integration of these techniques in the LHC detectors will be described.