Author: Francis X. Karl

Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory


Title of Presentation:

Status Report For The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider


The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) construction is about 85 % complete. The accelerator consists of two rings of cryogenic magnets, 3.8 kilometers in length, cooled to 4.5K operating temperature with six crossover interaction regions where the major facility halls for various experiments will be located. Approximately 1008 major components (quads, dipoles, sextuples and correctors) have been installed into the tunnel of the RHIC accelerator complex. The first sextant test was completed during the early part of 1997 and we are now aligning the final components for the machine that is due to be commissioned in the spring of 1999. This report will outline the remaining tasks to be completed and talk about our efforts to align the high beta magnets in the RHIC Interaction Regions.