Author: K. FUKAMI

Institution: Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)

Co-Author: Hiroto YONEHARA et al.

Title of Presentation:

Magnet Alignment of SPring-8 Booster Synchrotron


The circumference of the SPring-8 booster synchrotron is 396.124 m, which is composed of FODO lattice of 40 cells. The lattice magnets (64 dipole, 80 quadrupole and 60 sextupole magnets) were placed with a tolerance of +-0.2 mm. From December 1995 to March 1996, the placement of the magnets were carried out. The position of the dipole magnets were adjusted by using a SMART 310 laser tracker system and the triangle network method. The level were adjusted with a Wild N3. The standard deviations of relative horizontal, vertical and longitudinal displacement between two dipole magnets were estimated to be 0.087, 0.051 and 0.059 mm. As a result, the other magnets were adjusted following to the dipole magnets. Especially, to suppress the horizontal COD which was induced by the field error of the dipole magnets, rearrangement of the dipole magnets was carried out based on the field measurement. The synchrotron has been operated since December 1996. The horizontal and vertical CODs were observed at 80 points by means of button-type beam position monitors. Each rms of the COD were obtained to be 1.3 mm and 1.5 mm, respectively. Misalignment of the quadrupole magnet was estimated by this measurement. We confirmed that the misalignment was less than the tolerance.