Author: A. Dumont

Institution: European Space Industrial Control


Title of Presentation:

Gamma 3D Metrology : A New Tool for Nuclear Industry


As the nuclear industry has got now some old plants to be dismantled and because of the general will for decreasing the exposure to radiations, the need for reliable and accurate inventory of fixtures is growing. This inventory of fixtures should include all the information required for each specific case. In many cases, the 3D AS-BUILT CAD Model is a very useful frame on which any other kind of information could be put. In this paper we will discuss a new development carried out by ESIC for COGEMA : the gamma 3D metrology. This technology allows, using CCD and gamma cameras, to create 3D AS-BUILT CAD models including the position of hot spots and an estimation of the level of radiation. This kind of "gamma 3D model" is the base of any simulation and optimization of human intervention into nuclear areas and can give very useful information such as volume and weight of future waste in case of dismantling.