Author: W. Coosemans

Institution: CERN

Co-Author: Helene Mainaud

Title of Presentation:

Stretched double wire method for CLIC alignment


Using three types of instruments, we propose a method for the alignment and the active control of a linear accelerator. There are two new systems, the capacitive biaxial Wire Positioning System (WPS) with a stretched wire being used as spatial references and a capacitive three axes accelero-tiltmeter (TMS). We use also an old one, the hydrostatic leveling system (HLS). We briefly describe the three types of instruments. We show the validity of the WPS: the stability and reproducibility of the measures, the possibility of calibrating the instrument to the order of a micron. We show that the stretched wire can constitute a spatial reference, i.e. that it is possible to model it to the order of a few microns, provided it is geometrically homogenous. Finally, we explain the stretched double wire method for the CLIC alignment and active geometrical control.