Fifth International Workshop

on Accelerator Alignment

ANL/FNAL October 13 - 17, 1997

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Form for submitting abstracts to the IWAA97

The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 01, 1997

If you are using this application, your browser must be capable of handling fill-in forms. Be sure to read the instructions at the bottom to ensure successful completion of this online form. Note: Please limit your abstract to a maximum of 200 words and submit this form only once. Six sessions have been planed for this workshop. For submitting an abstract you have to select the appropriate number from the following list of sessions for which the abstract should be considered. Within two weeks after receiving your abstract we will post your contribution on the WEB under IWAA97 home page. This confirms that we have received the abstract. Please check after two weeks of sending the abstract if it has been posted. In case you can not find your abstract please inform our workshop secretay Barbara Hall.

Session 1: Status Reports from Accelerator Facilities around the World

Session 2:

Alignment Instrumentation, Software and Methods (I)
Session 3: Alignment Instrumentation, Software and Methods (II)
Session 4: Beam Based Alignment - Progress and Future Developments
Session 5: Alignment topics pertaining to the development of Linear Colliders, 4th Generation Light Sources and Related Facilities
Session 6: Contributions to the IAG / FIG joint session

Authors of accepted papers will be notified by May 31, 1997 of the presentation option (oral or poster) selected for their paper and the paper formatting instructions. A camera-ready copy of the final paper and a 3.5" floppy diskette containing the final electronic version of the paper preferably in WordPerfect, Word for Windows or PDF format for ACROBAT readers must be submitted during the workshop for inclusion in the proceedings. Graphics files should be submitted in encapsulated postscript format (EPS). We intend to convert all papers to PDF format to be available via the Internet using Adobe's ACROBAT reader.

If you are unable to use this form, please submit the required information to Barbara Hall either by e-mail ( or by fax to (630) 252-5948.

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