Papers of ICALEPCS'97

(Oral and Posters)

This is a list of all abstracts and papers of ICALEPCS'97. Click the ID number of each paper, you will get the abstract.

Monday     	Nov. 3

Plenary Session: Status Report (1) 
   M1-1 ID097
        The First Operation of Control System at the SPring-8
            Storage Ring
        T. Fukui, K. Kobayashi, T. Masuda, A. Taketani, 
        R. Tanaka, T. Wada, A. Yamashita
        PDF version file

   M1-2 ID102
        The VLT Control Software Development and Installation
        G. Raffi
        PDF version file
Plenary Session: Engineering 

   M2-1 ID211
        The ESA Software Engieering Standard and its 
                 Applicability to HEP
        Jonathan Fairclough, Wayne Salter
        PDF version file   

   M2-2 ID033
        Project Management as a Breakthrough at CERN
        M.Vanden Eynden, P.Ninin
        PDF version file   

   M2-3 ID002
        Redesigning a Radio Frequency Control System with TACO
        Why and How?
        J. Meyer, J.L. Pons, J.L. Revol
        PDF version file

   M2-4 ID218     
        Data Archiving in Experimental Physics
        Leo R. Dalesio, William Watson III, Matthew Bickley, Matthias Clausen
        PDF version file   
   M2-5 ID121
        Enhanced Data Logging Capabilities in Vsystem
        J.P. Girard, R. T. Westervelt, E. A. Zharkov, P. N. Clout
        PDF version file   

Parallel Session: Software Sharing and Object Oriented
        Technologies (1)

   M3A-1 ID076  
        Meta Object Facilities and Their Role in Distributed
               Information Management Systems
        N. L. Baker, J-M Le Goff
        PDF version file   

   M3A-2 ID138
        A Distributed Object-Oriented Telescope Control System
                 Based on RT-CORBA and ATM 
        J. M. Filgueira
        PDF version file   

   M3A-3 ID161
        Development of a CORBA Toolkit and Its Evaluation
        Norihiko Kamikubota, Matthias Clausen, Kazuro Furukawa
        PDF version file   
   M3A-4 ID172
        The Implementation of the OO Control System API
              with CORBA
        B.Jeram, M.Plesko, 
        PDF version file
Parallel Session: Hardware Aspects, Microcontrollers, 
        DSP, etc.

   M3B-1 ID061
        Acquisition and Data Logging for the ANTARES Project
        J.F. Gournay, R. Azoulay, N. de Botton, P. Lamare, J. Poinsignon
        PDF version file   

   M3B-3 ID230
        Current DSP Applications in Accelerator Instrumentation
               and RF
        Brian Chase, Anne Mason, Keith Meisner
        PDF version file   

   M3B-4 ID093
        Timing System of the ATF
        T. Naito, H. Hayano, T. Korhonen, S. Takeda, J.Urakawa
        PDF version file will be added soon   

   M3B-5 ID170
        Experience with the Integration of Transient Recorders in
                the Daily HERA Machine Operation
        R. Bacher, M. Clausen, P. Duval, L. Steffen
        PDF version file   

Tuesday	Nov. 4

Plenary Session: Feedback Control Theory, Automation (1)

   T1-1 ID126  
        Luminosity Optimization Feedback in the SLC     
        L. Hendrickson, S. Bes, P. Grossberg, D. McCormick,
        N. Phinney, P. Raimondi, M. Ross
        PDF version file   

   T1-2 ID091
        Digital Signal Processing for Plasma Control at KT-1
        J.S.Yoon, S.H.Jeong, K.W.Lee, B.H.Oh,
        S.J.Hong, H.J.Choi D.C.Son
        PDF version file   

   T1-3 ID110
        Automated Task Scheduling Using Multiple FSMs at Fermilab
        L. Carmichael
        PDF version file   

   T1-4 ID149
       The ELETTRA Fast Digital Local Orbit Feedback
       C. J. Bocchetta, D. Bulfone, A. Galimberti, D. Giuressi,
       M. Lonza, C. Scafuri, L. Tosi,  R. Visintini
       PDF version file   

Plenary Session: Status Report (2)		

   T2-1 ID212
        The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Control System 
        T. S. Clifford, D. S. Barton, B. R. Oerter
        PDF version file   

   T2-2 ID079      
        Present Status of the KEKB Control System
        Tadahiko Katoh, Atsuyoshi Akiyama, Sakae Araki,
        Masahiro Kaji, Teruyuki KAWAGUCHI, Takashi KAWAMOTO,
        Ichitaka KOMADA, Kikuo KUDO, Takashi NAITO,
        Jun-ichi ODAGIRI, Makoto TAKAGI, Susumu YOSHIDA,
        Noboru YAMAMOTO
        PDF version file   

   T2-4 ID044
        Upgrade Plan for the NSRL Control System
        Wei-Min Li, Shou-Ming Hu, Jing-Yi Li, Yong-Bin Leng,
        Song-Qiang Liu
        PDF version file will be added soon   

   T2-5 ID064
        Construction of the Central Control System (COCOS) for
            the Large Helical Device (LHD) Fusion Experiment
        T. Kato, J. Miyazawa ,O. Motojima, K. Nishimura, H.  Ogawa,
        S.  Sakakibara, M.  Shoji, Y. Taniguchi, T. Tsuzuki, K.Y.Watanabe,
        H.  Yamada, S.  Yamaguchi, N.  Yamamoto, K.  Yamazaki
        PDF version file will be added soon

Parallel Session: Man-Machine Interfaces

   T3A-1 ID249
        APS Intranet as a Man Machine Interface
        D. Ciarlette, R. Gerig, W. McDowell
        PDF version file   
   T3A-2 ID074
        Human Computer Interface for the Computerised Control  
           of Electron-Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) 
           at Calcutta
        C. D. Datta, Tapas Samanta, D. Sarkar
        PDF version file will be added soon   

   T3A-3 ID175
        MMI Object Analysis and the Distributed Components for
           a New Console in the KEK e-/e+ Linac
        I. Abe, Subrata Dasgupta, Masakatsu Mutoh
        PDF version file   
   T3A-4 ID183
        Xwin--A Graphical User Interface Developing Toolkit on
        G. Lei, Jijiu Zhao
        PDF version file   
Parallel Session: Specific Systems            

   T3B-1 ID017
         Using Reconfigurable Processors as Control System
         Timo Korhonen, Adrian Lawrence, Ian Page, Junji Urakawa
         PDF version file   
   T3B-2 ID245
         Application of Personal Computers to the Control System
            for the Liquid Waste Treatment Station at the Dalat
            Nuclear Research Institute
         T.H Anh, N.N. Dien, T.D. Hai
         PDF version file   
   T3B-3 ID029
         Automated Control System  for Radiation-Chemical Process
            of Composite Materials Formation
         A.I. Kalinichenko, Yu.A. Kresnin, G.F. Popov
         PDF version file   
   T3B-5 ID060 
         Safety and Control System for GSI Therapy Project
         E. Badura, H. Eickhoff, H. Essel, Th.Haberer, J. Hoffmann    
         U. Krause, W. Ott, K. Poppensieker, M. Richter, D. Schardt     
         R. Steiner, B. Voss
         PDF version file   
   T3B-6 ID157
         Design of Synchrotron Control System with DPO Series
             for Advanced Therapy Operations
         N. Araki, E. Hishitani, A. Itano, M. Kanazawa, K. Kohigashi   
         M. Kumada, H. Nakagawa, T. Nakamura, K. Noda, E. Takada      
         PDF version file   

Parallel Session: Industrial, Off-the Shelf Systems,
         PLCs,  etc.

   T4A-1 ID009
         Integration of Industrial Equipment and Distributed
             Control System into the Control Infrastructure at CERN 
         R. J. Lauckner, R. Rausch
         PDF version file   
   T4A-2 ID042
         Technical Data Server: a Large Scale Supervision
         R. Bartolome, B. Cantau, C. Delgado, H. Laeger, A. Lund        
         R. Martini, P. Ninin, P. Sollander   
         PDF version file   
   T4A-3 ID118
         A Comparison of Vsystem and EPICS
         P. N. Clout, V.E. Martz, R. B. Rothrock, R. T. Westervelt  
         PDF version file   
   T4A-4 ID038
         Virtual Instrument Technology Used in the BEPC Beam
             Diagnostic System
         K. Xue, P. Shi, L. Ma 
         PDF version file   

Parallel Session: Software Sharing and Object 
         Oriented  Technologies (2)

   T4B-1 ID075
         CMLOG: A Common Message Logging System
         Jie Chen, Walt Akers, Matt Bickley, Danjin Wu, William Watson III
         PDF version file   
   T4B-2 ID084
         Recent Developments in the Application of Object Oriented
             Technologies in the CERN-PS Control System
         M. Arruat, F. Di Maio, N. Gomez-Rojo, Y. Pujante
         PDF version file   
   T4B-3 ID213
         What Objects Do Controls Applications Need?
         J. T. Morris, A.C. Abola
         PDF version file   
   T4B-4 ID152 
         Control System Prototype for the ISAC Radioactive Beam
         R. Keitel, M. Leross, G. Waters
         PDF version file   
   T4B-5 ID055
         Building Controls Software around an Object-Oriented
         K. Kostro
         PDF version file   

Wednesday	Nov. 5

Plenary Session: Feedback Control Theory, 

   W1-1 ID124 
         A Control System for Accelerator Tuning Combining Adaptive
             Plan Execution with Online Learning
         C. Stern, E. Olsson, M. Kroupa, R. Westervelt
         PDF version file   
   W1-2 ID146
         Applying Intelligent System Concepts to Automatic Beamline
         R.Pugliese, F.Bille, A.Abrami, O.Svensson
         PDF version file   
   W1-3 ID225
             Architecture of the APS Real-time Orbit Feedback System
         J.A. Carwardine, F.R. Lenkszus
         PDF version file   

Plenary Session: Inexpensive Systems ( PC based)

   W2-1 ID232
         The Use of PCs in Controlling DESY Accelerators
         P. Duval
         PDF version file will be added soon   
   W2-3 ID100
        The Use of ACOP Tools in Writing Control System Software
        Ivan Deloose, P. Duval, Honggong Wu
        PDF version file   
   W2-4 ID222
        Experience Using EPICS on PC Platforms
        J. Hill
        PDF version file

Parallel Session: Databases

   W3A-1 ID239
        Significance of a Comprehensive Relational Database
            System for Modern Accelerator Controls 
        R. Bakker, T. Birke, B. Kuske, B. Martin, R. Mueller
        PDF version file   
   W3A-2 ID088  
        Database for Accelerator Optics
        B. Autin, F. Di Maio, M. Gourber-Pace, M. Lindroos, J. Schinzel
        PDF version file   
   W3A-3 ID070
        Applying the Knowledge-Discovery in DataBases (KDD)
        Process to Fermilab Accelerator Machine Data
        K. Yacoben (FNAL)
        PDF version file
   W3A-4 ID214
        Diagnostic System Using the Database for High Energy Accelerator
            Components at the Photon Factory
        Kanaya  Noriichi, ASAOKA  Seiji, MAEZAWA Hideki
        PDF version file   
   W3A-5 ID043
        OMG and Distributed Object Database Issues in Detector
            Construction and Quality Control
        W Harris, J-M Le Goff, R McClatchey, N Baker, Z Kovacs,
        F Estrella, A Bazan,T Le Flour 
        PDF version file   
   W3A-6 ID099
        The Database System for the SPring-8 Storage Ring Control
        A. Yamashita, T. Fukui, T. Masuda, K. Kobayashi, 
        A. Taketani, R. Tanaka and T. Wada 
        PDF version file   
Parallel Session: Network and fieldbuses       

   W3B-1 ID223
        G. Baribaud (CERN) (invited) 
        Recommendations for the Use of Fieldbuses at CERN 
            in the LHC Era
        G. Baribaud, R. Barillere, A. Bland, D. Brahy, H. Burckhart,
        R. Brun, E. Carlier, W. Heubers, L. Jirden, F. Perriollat, 
        D. Swoboda
        PDF version file   
   W3B-2 ID240
        CAN: a Smart I/O System for Accelerator Controls 
               - Chances and  Perspectives
        J. Bergl, B. Kuner, R. Lange, I. Mueller, G. Pfeiffer, 
        J. Rahn, H. Ruediger
        PDF version file   
   W3B-3 ID047
        Integration of Field Devices in a PROFIBUS Environment
        K. Zwoll, H. Kleines, R. Madlener
        PDF version file   
   W3B-4 ID173
        Experience with LonWorks as a Fieldbus for the Light
            Source ANKA
        G. Mavric, M. Smolej, B. Jeram, M. Plesko, M.Juras
        PDF version file   
   W3B-5 ID115
        An Accelerator Controls Network Designed for Reliability
            and Flexibility
        W. P. McDowell, Kenneth V.Sidorowicz
        PDF version file   
   W3B-6 ID122
        A Comparative Reliability Study of Computer Network Configurations
              for Large-Scale Accelerator Systems
        E. W. Kamen, S. Simon Singh
        PDF version file   

Friday		Nov. 7

Plenary Session: JAVA and the WWW            

   F1-1 ID005
        Toward a New Generic Approach for Web Access to Control
        F. Momal
        PDF version file   
   F1-2 ID048
        Web Utilization in Controls at Fermilab
        K. Cahill, B. Hendricks, T. Zingelman 
        PDF version file   
   F1-3 ID171
        A Control System Based on WWW-Technologies
        B. Jeram, M. Plesko 
        PDF version file   


Click the ID number of each paper, you will get the abstract.

   M-P-1 ID050  KEK Japan 
         The Status of the Control System of the KEK Accelerator 
              test facility
         N. Terunuma, H. Hayano, T. Korhonen, K. Kubo, T. Naito
         PDF version file will be added soon   
   M-P-2 ID049  MPI   Germany
	 Evolution Path for the ASDEX Upgrade Real-Time Control System
	 G. Raupp, K. Lüddecke*, G. Neu, W. Treutterer, D. Zasche
         PDF version file   
   M-P-3 ID227  IHEP China
         The CDR of Computer Service System for SSRF Project
         DeKang Liu    
         PDF version file   
   M-P-4 ID065 CAT   India
         J.S.Adhiakri , B.J.Vaidya
         PDF version file   
   M-P-5 ID027  PAL   Korea 
     	 Control System of PLS 2-GeV Storage Ring
	 I. S. Ko, Jin W. Lee, Jong C. Yun, Eun H. Lee, and 
         Byung R.Park
         PDF version file   
   M-P-6 ID066  BINP  Russia  
	 Control System for VEPP-5 Electron-Positron Complex
	 D.Yu. Bolkhovityanov, Yu.I. Eidelman
         PDF version file   
   M-P-7 ID105  TJNAF   USA
         Overview of Control System for Jefferson Lab's High Power
             Free Electron Laser
	 Alicia S. Hofler, A. C. Grippo, M. S. Keesee, and J. Song
         PDF version file   
   M-P-8 ID129  SRRC    Taiwan
	 Operation Experiences and Development of the Control System
             in the SRRC
         K.T.Hsu, K.K.Lin, J.Chen, C.J.Wang
         PDF version file   
   M-P-9 ID182  IHEP China
         Preliminary Design of the Control System for SSRF and BTCF
         PDF version file   
   M-P-10 ID073  TRIUMF Canada
	 Status Report on the TRIUMF Central Control System
	 M.M.Mouat, B.Davison, S.G.Kadantsev, E.Klassen, K.S.Lee
         PDF version file   
   M-P-11 ID180  IMP   China
	 Progress of HIRFL Control System
	 Huang Xinmin, Chu Zhensheng
         PDF version file   
   M-P-12 ID235  OADT  Italy 
         REMOT - A Project to Remotely Monitor and Control 
             Scientific Experiments
         M. Pucillo (OAT, Trieste, Italy)
         M. Barreto (IAC, Tenerife, Spain)
         E. Garcia Alcazar (TCP-SI, Madrid, Spain)
         F. Genova (CDS, Strasbourg, France)
         M. Korten (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)
         S. Labajo Izquierdo (GTI, Univ. Pol. Madrid, Spain)
         P. Linde (Obs. Lund, Sweden)
         W. Lourens (Univ. Utrecht, The Netherlands)
         F. Pasian (OAT, Trieste, Italy)
         J. D. Ponz (ESA/VILSPA, Spain)
         F. Puente (CMA/ULPGC, Las Palmas, Spain)
         E. F. Vieira (LAEFF, Madrid, Spain)
         PDF version file

   M-P-13 ID104  TJNAF   USA
         Control System Reliability at Jefferson Lab
         Karen S. White, Hari Areti, Omar Garza
         PDF version file
   M-P-15 ID004  FNAL  USA    
         A Diagnostic Tool for Console Applications of the 
                  Fermilab Accerelator Control System
         Junye Wang, Brian Hendricks
         PDF version file   
   M-P-17 ID071  TRIUMF Canada
         Event Handling in TRIUMF's Central Control System
         B.Davison, S.G.Kadantsev, E.Klassen, K.S.Lee, M.M.Mouat
         PDF version file   
   M-P-18 ID107  PSI  Switzerland
         Real Time Control Tools in the PSI Accerelator Control System
         T.Blumer, D.Anicic, I.Jirousek, A.Mezger
         PDF version file   
   M-P-19 ID202  IHEP  China  
         Application Software for New BEPC Interlock System
         PDF version file   
   M-P-20 ID109  FNAL   USA
         Alarms processing software at Fermilab Tevatron
         Seung-chan Ahn
         PDF version file   
   M-P-21 ID148  ST   Italy
         1bm:  the ELETTRA Framework for Programmable Machine Operations
         D.Bulfone, C. Scafuri, F.Potepan
         PDF version file   
   M-P-22 ID132  CERN  Switzerland
         Towards a Data Quality Policy for Supervision Data in the CERN's 
                 Technical Control Room
         R. Martini, P. Ninin - CERN
         PDF version file   
   M-P-23 ID150  ST     Italy
         MADE: an Effective Workbench for the Development of 
                 Digital Signal Processing Applications
         D.Bulfone, M. Lonza
         PDF version file   
   M-P-24 ID178  MRI   Russia
         Knowledge Based Event-oriented Approach in Control system
         A. Vikentjev A. Vaguine, V.Mikheev, S.Poluektov
         PDF version file   
   M-P-25 ID221  LANL   USA
         Distributed Implementation Plan of a Large, Distributed 
             Accerelator Control System
         B.DeVan, D.Gurd, Steve Lewis, J.Smith
         PDF version file   
   M-P-26 ID181  IHEP   China
         A Shareable Image Library in BEPC Control System
         C. Wang,  J. Zhao
         PDF version file   
   M-P-27 ID021  IEA  Russia
         Experimental Investigation of Optimization Control 
              Methords in a Proton Synchrotron
   M-P-28 ID194  IMP   China
         The Control System Based on Windows
         Gao Weizheng, Huang Xinmin
         PDF version file   
   M-P-29 ID206  TU    China 
         Upgrade of Radiation Monitoring System for National 
               Synchrotron Radiation LAB
	 Wang Ruopeng
         PDF version file   
   M-P-30 ID208  MSEPI Russia
         Using the Tool Complex G2 for Control of Electrophysical 
         V.M. Rybin, G.V.Rybina
         PDF version file   
   M-P-31 ID197  NSRL   China  
         Accelerator Control System and VME Front End Computer
         Leng Yongbin  Wang Guicheng  Pei Yuanji
         PDF version file   
   M-P-32 ID054  CERN  Switzerland
         Outsourcing of the New Wave form Acquisition, Surveillance 
               and Diagnostic System for the LEP Injection Kickers
         E. Carlier1 , V. Mertens1, M. C. Raichs2 and J. Serrano2
         PDF version file   
         Why Physicists Do Not Stop Writing Their Own Accelerator
                Control Programs?
         Yury I. Eidelman
         PDF version file   

   M-P-34 ID008  BNL USA
        Application of Object Oriented Pragramming Techniques
             in Front End Computers
        Joseph Skelly
        PDF version file   
   M-P-36 ID026  CERN Switzerland
        Object Oriented Technology in the LabVIEW Programming
        PDF version file   
   M-P-37 ID069  TJNAF USA
        An Object-Oriented Framework for Client/Server Applications
        Walt Akers
   M-P-38 ID141  DESY Germany
        DOOCS: an Object Oriented Control System as the Integrating
                 Part for the TTF Linac
        S.Golobordko, G.Grygiel, O.Hensler, V.Kocharyan, K. Rehlich
        PDF version file   
   M-P-39  ID077  KEK   Japan
        Performance Evaluation of EPICS on PowerPC
        J.Odagiri, A.Akiyama, N.Yamamoto, T.Katoh
        PDF version file   
   M-P-40  ID120  ANL   USA
        EPICS: Extensible Record and Device Support
        M. R. Kraimer and L. R. Dalesio
        PDF version file   
   M-P-41  ID154  TRIUMF Canada
        Conversion of the TISOL Control System to EPICS
        J.Lam, G.Waters, R. Keitel
        PDF version file   
   M-P-42  ID241  TJNAF  USA
        Centrally Managed Name Resolution Schemes for EPICS
        Ding Jun, William Watson and David Bryan
        PDF version file   
   M-P-44 ID040  IFP   Juelich
        Control of Distributed Data Acquisition Systems Using
              Object Oriented Methords
        PDF version file   
   M-P-45 ID087  CERN Switzerland
        Generic Automated Beam Steering and Beam Shaping Programs
            with an Object Oriented Approach
        M. Arruat, F. di Maio, G.-H. Hemelsoet, M. Lindroos, O. Tungesvik
        PDF version file   

   M-P-47 ID081  IHEP   Russia
       Software feedback for DESY HERA-e RF power control
       F.Willeke, R.Weck, L.Kopylov, M.Mikheev
       PDF version file   
   M-P-48  ID101  Spring-8 Japan
       Medium-speed feedback software based on the existing
             control system
       A.Taketani, T.Fukui, K.Kobayashi, T.Masuda
       PDF version file   
   M-P-49  ID135  SRRC   Taiwan
       Orbit Feedback Development In SRRC
       C. H. Kuo, K.T.Hsu, J.Chen, K.K.Lin
       PDF version file   
   M-P-52  ID032  MSEPI  Russia
       Microprocessor Automatic Control System for Control of
             Physics Plants Parameters
       I.M.Koltsov, A.A.Komarov, V.M. Rybin, A.A.Jelezin
       PDF version file   
   M-P-53  ID113  INDFN  Italy
       An automatic procedure to Find and Set the Shiftphases
           for the Superconducting Resonators in the ALPI Accelerator
       Stefania Canella, Marco Poggi
       PDF version file   
   M-P-54 ID053  CERN   Switzerland
       Control Loop for a Pulse Generator of a Fast Septum
              Magnet using DSP and Fuzzy Logic
       E. Aldaz Carroll, E. Carlier, J.H. Dieperink, G.H. SchrM-vder
       PDF version file   
   M-P-55 ID177  ESIA   France
       A Linear Dynamic Model for a Power-Resysled Michelson
            Interferometer with Fabry-Perot Arms
       C.Mehmel, B.Caron
   M-P-56 ID195  IMP    China
       An Idea on Adaptive Optional Control of SFC
       Zhang Guixu, Huang Tuanhua
       PDF version file   

   M-P-60 ID133   CERN  Switzerland
	 Industrial Control System for the Technical Infrastructure at CERN
	 P. Ninin, P. Sollander, E. Cennini 
         PDF version file   
   M-P-61 ID028  PAL    Korea
	 PLC-based Machine Interlock System for PLS 2-GeV Storage Ring
 	 I. S. Ko(Y), Byung R. Park, and Jin W. Lee
         PDF version file   
   M-P-63 ID116  CERN  Switzerland
	 Examples of Applications of Industrial Control System
             (PLCs) for Vacuum Equipment
 	 R. Gavaggio, P.Strubin
         PDF version file   
   M-P-64 ID234   CIAE  China
	 PLC Application in the Control of CIAE-30 Cyclotron
	 Li Zhenguo
         PDF version file   
   M-P-65 ID246   IHEP  China
         The Virtual Instrument Control System
         Jinwei Xu, Huijun Cheng, Dekang Liu
         PDF version file   

   M-P-66 ID056  BINP   Russia
         VEPP-4 Timing System
	 Yu.Eidelman, S.Belomestnikh,S. Karnaev
         PDF version file   
   M-P-67 ID199  USTC   China
	 A new timing system for HESYRL
	 Zhang Peng Jie
         PDF version file   
   M-P-68 ID130  SRRC   Taiwan
	 Timing System and Injection Control in the SRRC
	 K.T. Hsu, K.K.Lin, K.W.Hu, J.Chen
         PDF version file   
   M-P-69 ID011  INRRAS Russia
         Advanced DSP-based System Architectures for Data 
              Acquisition and Control
         PDF version file   
   M-P-70 ID128  JAERI  Japan
         DSP Application to Parallel Processing in JT-60 Plasma Control
         T.Kimura, K.Kuihara, Y.Kawamata, K.Akiba
         PDF version file   
   M-P-71 ID134  TRIUMF Canada
	 A DSP-based Control System for the ISAC Pre-Buncher
	 M. Laverty, K.Fong, S.Fang
         PDF version file   
   M-P-72 ID168  USTC   China
	 Low Cost DSP Based Systems for Signal Processing and Control
	 Yu Wang      Yanfang Wang (a)
         PDF version file   
   M-P-75 ID233  KEK   Japan
         A New Remote Data Acquisition System and Application to a 
                Betatron Oscillation Monitor
	 J.Kishiro1, T.Toyama1, S.Igarashi1, Y.Yamaguchi2 and Y.Takeuchi2
         PDF version file   
   M-P-76 ID010  MSPEI  Russia
	 Accelerated Ion energy Measurement by Means of 
                  Circulating Electron Flow
 	 B.Yu. Bogdanovich, A.V. Nesterovich
         PDF version file   
   M-P-77 ID015  TIIFR  Russia
	The Features of the Pulsed Power Technology Control Systems
        A.V.Kartashov, N.I.Lachtjushko, V.I.Zaitsev
        PDF version file   
   M-P-79 ID078  KEK    Japan
	KEKB Power Supply Interface Controller Module
	A.Akiyama, T.Nakamura, M.Yoshida,T.Katoh, T.Kubo
        PDF version file   
   M-P-80 ID145  KEK  Japan
        Control and Timing of the 250kA Pulse Magnetic Horn
	Y.Suzuki, Y.Yamanoi, M.Kohama
        PDF version file   
   M-P-81 ID094  KEK    Japan
        Synchronization scheme for the KEKB  
        T.Naito, J.Odagiri, N.Yamamoto, T.Suetake, T.Katoh
        PDF version file will be added soon   
   M-P-83 ID174  Jefferson   USA
        Control system for a High Average Power Free Electron Laser
        K.Jordan, B.Cumbia, R.Evans, R.Hill, O.Garza, M.Wise
        PDF version file will be added soon   
   M-P-84 ID192  IMP    China
        Isolation Technique used in HIRFL Control System
        Chu Zhensheng
        PDF version file   
   M-P-85 ID243  TU    China
        The Proportional Ion Chamber and It's Corresponding Circuit
        Shao Beibei, Zhao Yan
        PDF version file   
   M-P-86 ID251   IHEP China
        A New BEPC Ring Injection Control 
        Ruying Zhang, Hao Zhang, Songqing Lu  

   W-P-1  ID089  CERN  Switzerland
        Using a Fibre Optic CAN Bus for the Proton Source
              Control of the CERN PS-Linac 
        G. Gräwer, W. Heinze
        PDF version file will be added soon   
   W-P-2  ID096  Spring-8 Japan
        Design and Performance of the Network System for the Storage
             Ring Control at SPring-8
        T.Fukui, K.Kobayashi, T.Masuda, A.Taketani, R.Tanaka, T.Wada
        PDF version file will be added soon   
   W-P-3 ID155  TRIUMF Canada
        Distributed Power Supply Control Using CAN-Bus
	D.Bishop, D.Dale, H.Hui, J.Lam, R. Keitel
        PDF version file   
   W-P-4 ID228  IHEP  Russia
        A Configurable RT OS Powered Fieldbus Controller
                for Distributed Accelerator Controls
	A.Matioushine, A.Sytin, P.Vetrov, S.Zelepoukine, (IHEP),
	M.Clausen, B.Schoeneburg (DESY).
        PDF version file   
   W-P-7 ID167  KEK   Japan
       Improvements of Database System for Accelerator Control
       M.Mutoh, M.Nanao, Y.Shibasaki, I.Abe
       PDF version file   
   W-P-8 ID085  CERN  Switzerland
       Integration of Relational Database in the CERN PS
                Control System
       J.H. Cuperus, M. Lelaizant
       PDF version file will be added soon   
   W-P-9 ID039  IHEP  China
       BEPC Online Runtime Database Service System
       P.Shi and L.Ma
       PDF version file   
   W-P-10 ID095  Spring-8 Japan
       Data Acquisition System with Database at the
           Spring-8 Storage Ring
       T.Masuda, R.Tanaka, T.Wada, A.Yamashita
       PDF version file   

   W-P-15 ID059  G8TP USA
        Using the Web to Plan Telescope Observations
	Stephen Wampler, Shane Walker, and Kim Gillies 
        PDF version file   
   W-P-16 ID068  KEK Japan
	Java Application for Creating of Shared Object Cash
	Igor Mejuev and Isamu Abe
        PDF version file   
   W-P-17 ID226  SLAC USA
	WWW-based Accelerator Data Warehouse 	
        A.Chan, G.Crane, I.MacGregor,S. Meyer and R.Sass
        PDF version file   

   W-P-18  ID137  KEK  Japan
       Sharable GUI Objects for the Operators' Console
       S.Dasgupta, I.Abe
       PDF version file   
   W-P-19  ID176  KEK  Japan
       Feedback of operators experiences to console programs
              in the KEK e-/e+ Linac
       M.Tanaka, I.Abe
       PDF version file   
   W-P-21  ID142  DESY  Germany
       An O.O Data Display for the Tesla Test Facility
       Kay Rehlich
       PDF version file   
   W-P-22  ID108  TSL    Sweden
       Implementation and Use of a Tcl/Tk API for the Accelerator
            Control System of the The Svedberg Laboratory
       Leif Thuresson(M), V.Zieman
       PDF version file   
   W-P-23  ID158  VECC  India
            Man-Machine Interface for Power Supply Control for Electron
                   Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source
           PDF version file   
              C.D.Datta, S.K.De and D.Sarkar

   W-P-25  ID244  SRRC  Taiwan
            Control for Elliptically Polarizing Undulator at SRRC
            K.T. Pan, Jenny Chen, J.S. Chen, C.S. Chen, C.H.Kuo, K.T.Hsu
            PDF version file   
   W-P-26 ID242  KEK    Japan
         New Magnet Control System using PC and PLC
         A.Shirakawa, I.Abe and K. Nakahara
   W-P-27 ID001  IHEP  Russia
         Control System of the IHEP Cryo Complex
         A.Ageyev, V.Alferov, A.Dunaitsev, Y.Ivanov, A.Khvorostyanov
         PDF version file   
   W-P-28 ID016  NAC  South Africa
         The PC Based Control System of the NAC
         H.F.Weehuizen, I.H.Kohler, M.E.Hogan and P.J.Theron
         PDF version file   
   W-P-29 ID018  IHEP  China
         Using PCs in the BEPC Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation System
         L.Ma, P.Shi, H.J.Cheng and K.R.Ye
         PDF version file   
   W-P-31 ID035  LQETSHI  Japan
         A PC-Based Control System for HiSOR
         K.Aoki, K.Kawamura, D.Amanol, K.Yoshida
         PDF version file   
   W-P-32 ID041  EL    Japan
         PC-based Magnet Control System in Storage Ring TERAS
         H.Ohgaki, R.Suzuki, N.Sei, S.Sugiyama, T.Mikado, K.Yamada
         PDF version file   
   W-P-34 ID057  BINP  Russia
         VEPP-4 Control System Upgrade
         A.Aleshaev, S.Karnaev, B.Levichev, I.Protopopov, S.Tararyshkin
         PDF version file   
   W-P-35 ID090  IHEP  China
         The Application of Personal Computer in Topography
               Experimental Station at the BSRF
         Wang G.L.    Jiang J.H.    Tian Y.L.    Han Y.    Wang Z.G.
         PDF version file   
   W-P-36 ID140  LSU   USA
         The GNU control system at CAMD
         B. Craft, P.Jines
         PDF version file   
   W-P-38 ID186  FU    China
         Upgrading a Small Accelerator Control System
         Li JiaQing, Zhang Lin, Lu Cheng Rong
         PDF version file   
   W-P-40 ID191  TU    China
         The Reserch and Industriallization of Accelerator Control
                System for Large Container On-line Inspection
         Hua li
         PDF version file   
   W-P-41 ID205  IHEP  China
         The Status of BEPC Linac Control System
         P.D. GU
         PDF version file   
   W-P-42 ID229  IHEP   Russia
         A.Alexandrov, V.Alferov, V.Ershov, A.Gussak, S.Kozhin,
         V.Kovaltsov, A.Kuznetsov, I.Lobov, S.Petrov, E.Sherbakov
         PDF version file   
   W-P-43  ID030  JINR   Russia
          Nuclotron and Its Control System
          V.Andreev, V.Gorchenko, A.Kirichenko, A.Kovalenko,
          PDF version file   
   W-P-45  ID082  GANIL  France
          Measuring Beam Losses in the THI project
          L.David, P. Duneau, E. LM-icorchM-i, P. Lermine, E. Lemaitre,
          PDF version file   
   W-P-46  ID193  IMP    China
          Development of Beam Diagnositic System for HIRFL
          Zheng Jianhua
          PDF version file   
   W-P-47  ID156  TSL    Sweden
          Closed Orbit Correction in CELSIUS Storage Ring
          Konrad J. Gajewski
          PDF version file   
   W-P-49  ID143  BNL    USA
          Data logging and performance of the AGS to RHIC Transfer Line
   W-P-52  ID086  CERN   Switzerland
          An Alternative to Classical Real-time Magnetic Field
                   Measurements Using a Magnet Model
           W. Heinze, J. Lewis, M. Lindroos, T. Salvermoser
          PDF version file   
   W-P-53  ID185  USTC   China
          A Multifunctional Magnetic Measurement Control System for
                  NSRL Magnets
          Shen Lianguan, Yao Chenggui, Qian Zexu
          PDF version file   
   W-P-55  ID184  IHEP   China
          The Prototype of VME-based Front-end System for T-C
                    Factory Control System
          F. Zhang, Jijiu Zhao
          PDF version file will be added soon   
   W-P-57  ID007  CERN  Switzerland
          Front-end Computing in the LEP2 RF System
          L.Arnaudon, A. Butterworth, E.Ciapala
          PDF version file   
   W-P-59  ID067  CAT    India
          R.F. Control System For INDUS-1
          Pravin S. Fatnani
          PDF version file   
   W-P-60  ID160  PAL    Korea
          Implementation of the Low Level RF System at PLS Storage Ring
          Inha Yu, Hong J. Park, M.H.Chun, M.Kwon, In Soo Ko
          PDF version file   
   W-P-61  ID190  TU     China
          RF System Stability Analysis by Simulink on Metlab
          Huang Gang
          PDF version file   
   W-P-62  ID139  NIRS    Japan
          Control system of HIMAC secondary beam course for medical use
          S. Kouda, A.Kiyagawa, J.Yoshizawa
          PDF version file   
   W-P-63  ID250  HMI Berlin
          Integrating Eye-Tumor Therapy by p-Beams with ISL Control
   W-P-64  ID006  CERN  Switzerland
          A Microcontrol Based Temperature Measurement Module for
               the LEP2 SC RF Cavities
          R.Brun, E.Ciapala, M.Pirotte
          PDF version file   
   W-P-65  ID098  Spring-8  Japan
          The alarm system for the SPring-8 storage ring
          A.Yamashita, T.Fukui, K.Kobayashi, T.Masuda
          PDF version file   
   W-P-66  ID072  TRIUMF  Canada
          Handling CAMAC Interrupts in Alpha OpenVMS/PCI
          K.S.Lee, S.G.Kadantsev, E.Klassen, M.M.Mouat, P.W.Wilmshurst
          PDF version file   
   W-P-68  ID125  TRIUMF Canada
          The Control System for a New Proton Extraction Probe
                  at TRIUMF
          D. B. Morris, K.S.Lee
          PDF version file   
   W-P-69  ID051   UR/TJNAL USA
          Status of the Control System for the CLAS Detector
             at Jefferson Lab
          T.Carrol, T.Auger, M.Vineyard, W.Brooks, S.Fabbro
          PDF version file   
   W-P-70  ID159  KEK  Japan
          Microwave Control and Measurement System at KEKB Linac
          K. Furukawa, N. Kamikubota, T.Urano, H. Hanaki
          PDF version file   
   W-P-71  ID203  IHEP   China
          Development of a CAMAC Distributed Control System
          S.M.Tang, J.X.Yan, Y.L.Yu
          PDF version file   
   W-P-72  ID204  USTC   China
          A New Radiation Protection Control System
          Li Juexin, Li Yuxiong, *Shao Beibei
          PDF version file   
   W-P-74  ID220  Spring-8  Japan
          Design of Automatic Beam Transport System at SPring-8 LINAC
          Hironao Sakaki, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, H.Yokomizo
          PDF version file   

   W-P-75  ID153  TRIUMF  Canada
          The Control System for a 2MeV Tandem Accelerator Used for 
                  Contraband Detection
          D. Dale, D.Bishop, H.Hui, B.Milton
          PDF version file   
   W-P-77  ID248  IHEP China
          A PC-based Auto-testing system for BEPC CAMAC modules
          H.Zhang, J.J.Xu, H.Ren
          PDF version file   
   W-P-78 ID012  KFTI  Ukraine
          V.N.Boriskin, V.A.Gurin, A.N.Savchenko
          PDF version file   
   W-P-79 ID034  GANIL  France
	  The New Radiation Safety Control System of GNAL and Its 
	        Extension to the Rib SPIRAL Facility
          T.T. Luong, J.C.Deroy, P.De Saint Jores, L.Martina
          PDF version file   
   W-P-82 ID114  SLAC  USA
	  LIONs at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
	  Richard W. Zdarko, Bob Simmons
          PDF version file   
   W-P-83 ID144  BNL  USA
	  A commissioning and operations sequencer for RHIC

   W-P-85 ID247  TJNAF  USA
          Real-Time Transverse Emittance and Phase-Space Monitor
          K.Jordan, J.Song, P.Poit, R.Legg, D.Kehne, R.Li, E.Feldl,
          J.-C.Denard, G.A.Krafft, G.R.Neil, C.L.Bohn
          PDF version file   
   W-P-86 ID207 Tsinghua Univ. China
          Security System Based on CAN Bus in Accelerator Control
          Cui Yonggang 
          PDF version file   
   W-P-87 ID189  KEK Japan
        Remote Console System using JAVA Applets for High Energy
            Accelerator Components at the Photon Factory
        Noriichi KANAYA, Seiji ASAOKA and Hideki MAEZAWA
        PDF version file   
   W-P-88 ID201  USTC  China
        Control system for the 6T superconducting wigglar at NSRL
        Hu shouming
        PDF version file