25-26 Jun. 1997

(Last updated on Aug. 12, 1997)

Notice of ISAC'97 CERN

Dear Colleague,

We like to remind you that the ICALEPCS'97 Program Committee (PC) and the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) will meet at CERN on 25 (all day) and 26 (a.m.) June 97.

These meetings are held in conjunction with the EPCS Boardmeeting on 26 (p.m) and EPCS General Assembly, on 27 (a.m.) June, organized by Guy Baribaud (Chairman EPS-EPCS).

Several of the Session Chairperson are asking whether they could participate to the PC meeting.

We like to apologize for not having made that point clear.

Obviously the presence of the Session Chairperson and the Industrial Liaison persons would be of great help to the PC. If session Chairpersons or Industrial Liaison persons can not participate or be represented in person at the meeting, their input by e-mail (to the 6 Program Committee members) would be highly appreciated.

Program Committee (PC) Meeting:

Wedn. 25 June 97, 9:00 - 17:30,Build 13,3rd floor,room 005 Objective: define the overall program

- define time slots for each oral session,

- define time slots for each poster session,

- define time slots for possible

- define possible workshops after the Conference - etc.

Obviously input from the Session Chairpersons are essential, either by E-mail or verbal at the meeting.

ISAC Meeting:

Thurs. 26 june 97, 9:30 - 12:00, Build 13, 2nd floor !!, room 005

Objective: report of ICALEPCS'97 status to ISAC Members

- progress of local organization (i.e. in Beijing): Rucheng Hou

- report of PC + proposed program: Jijiu Zhao

- report on industrial participation: Jijiu Zhao / Rucheng Hou

- etc (e.g. cultural, post conference tours, ...): Rucheng Hou

We all look forward to meeting you at CERN on 25 - 26 June 1997.

Best regards,


Participants of The ISAC Meeting at CERN (25-27 JUNE, 1997)

In order of signing in

K. Cahill       FNAL, USA 
P. Clout        Vista, USA
M. Shea         FNAL, USA
W. Busse        HMI, Germany
A. Daneels      CERN, Switzerland
M. Mouat        TRIUMF, Canada
T. Katoh        KEK, Japan
D. Dohan        PSI, Switzerland
G. Baribaud     CERN, Switzerland
T. Luong        GANIL, France
R. Rausch       CERN, Switzerland
N. Kanaya       KEK, Japan
D. Gurd         LANL, USA
M. Clausen      DESY, Germany
T. Blumer       PSI, Switzerland
R. Steiner      GSI, Darmstadt Germany
R. Pose         JINR, Russia
X. Geng         IHEP, China
J. Zhao         IHEP, China
R. Hou          IHEP, China


ISAC'97 27 June, CERN, Geneva

ICALEPCS'97 will be held in Beijing International Hotel which is a four star hotel, located in the center of Beijing, 1.5KM from Tian-An-Men Square.

Up to now, we have set out about 500 First Announcement and Second Announcement by surface mail and about 400 E-mail and put the Announcements on Web pages.

Altogether 260 people all over the world are sure or have expressed their willingness to attend the conference;

Limited financial support is available for the participants from developing countries. We have obtained an amount money from Chinese Academy of Sciences to support about 15 persoms for their local expenses.

Industrial exhibition will be held during the conference days. Now we are contacting with the following companies:

     HP: shows instruments and network software products
    DEC: Alpha cumputer and Fast Etherenet, FDDI
    Microsoft: their new software products
    KSC: Hardware products

We are going to ask more companies to take part in the exhibition.

We discussed Visa application for foreigners on ISAC meeting.

Report of Program Committee and Proposed Program

Jijiu Zhao on ISAC meeting 26 June, 1997 Geneva

First of all I would like give you a brief introduction on the scientific program of ICALEPCS'97 which was discussed yesterday by some program committee members and session chairpersons.

Of course, this program is not fixed yet. You are welcome to make comments on it. It is hoped that this program can be fixed in mid-September.

1. Tentative Agenda of the ICALEPCS'97

(1) Opening Ceremony

(2)Closing Ceremony

2.Presentations and Abstracts Submitted

By June 24, 228 abstracts have been received.

On the Program Committee meeting at CERN from June 25 to June 27, there are 63 opal presentations have been selected as the oral and rest 165 are poster presentations.

3. Suggestions on Invited Speakers:

Priposed principles to select speakers for oral presentation:

The selection of oral presentation in each session will mainly depend on the session chairman.

4. Consideration of Other Seminars

    1. Technology Spin-off is managed by Dr.Rudolf Pose/Dr. Alexei Vaguine
    2. Future managed by Don Dohan (PSI) and Hamid Shoaee (LSAC)

    (2) An EPCS Board meeting and an ISAC meeting will be held during the conference. The Exact time for these two meetings remains to be determined.


Please send your comments/questions to: