ISAC'97 (Europe) Meeting
9 Sept. 1996 updated: 13 Sept. 1996


Interdivisional Group on


Participants: G.Baribaud (CERN), Th.Blumer(PSI), W.Busse (HMI), M.Clausen (DESY), A.Daneels (CERN), R.Rausch (CERN), T.Katoh (KEK),T.Luong (GANIL), R.Pose (JINR), G.Raffi (ESO), R.Steiner (GSI).

Distribution list: ISAC-Eur, ICALEPCS'97 Secretariat,P.Clout (ISAC-AM), S.Dasgupta (VECC), T.Katoh (KEK), B.Sinha (VECC)

1. Welcome Address:

2. ICALEPCS'97 : Status report

- Conferencedate

- Conference chair,


- Local OrganizingCommittee

- Sponsors

The following learnedSocieties agree to sponsor the conference:

- Funding

- Financial support for participants from developing countries

- Industrial Exhibit

Todate the following companieshave been invited:

Others will be invited: e.g.HP, Intel, IBM, etc.

- Varia

3. Related event: Intl. Workshop on Control System for Super ConductingCyclotrons (C3S2)

- General

- Preparatorymeeting

The C3S2 Scientific AdvisoryCommittee will meet at VECC (Calcutta), 18-20 Nov 1996 (i.e. week afterISAC'97 Plenary @ KEK)

4. ICALEPCS'99: call for candidates

5. Back to ICALEPCS'97

- ICALEPCS'95(Chicago) post mortem

Positivepoints to preserve

Points to improve


a. Main /Central Argument ICALEPCS'97 should focus on

The ISAC-Eur considered thefollowing 4 main subjects:


- Technology(hardware and software)

- Industrial / off the shelve systems

- Evolution ofcontrols in the years 2000:

b. Session topics, related subjects and session organization


Presentations on:

- Technology(hardware and software)

- Industrial / off the shelve systems (Evaluation / Integration)

- Evolution ofcontrols in the years 2000:

c. Sessionorganizers - to take responsibility , Invited speakers and topics

-Engineering :

CandidateSession Organiser: Guy Baribaud (CERN) + Gianni Raffi (ESO)

- Technology :

CandidateSession Organiser: Winfried Busse (HMI) + Rudolf Steiner (GSI)

- Industrial systems:

CandidateSession Organiser: Raymond Rausch (CERN), Tam Luong (GANIL), Tadahiko Katoh(KEK)

- Evolution of controls in the years 2000:

Candidate Session Organiser: Matthias Clausen (DESY) + Thomas Blumer(PSI)

It was suggested tocontact the manufacturers, DEC, INTEL, ... for the following topics:

d. Possible workshops, Tutorials, Panel discussion, Training courses

- tutorials :

- panel discussion:

- workshop :

e. Generalorganization of the sessions at the meeting (Parallel/serial, what subjects will be confronted against each other, etc.)

Cf. Chapter on ICALEPCS'95:Positive points to preserve and Points to improve

f. Candidates for closing remarks

The ISAC-Eur felt that the closing remarks should be made by one of the moresenior asian (preferably chinese) participants.

However, for the dinner talk one could think of e.g Klaus Muller, now retiredfrom KFA (Jülich, DE).

g. Possible help (mailing , promotion in Europe, North America etc): e.g. handling ofabstracts , ...

The ISAC-Eur suggests that all abstracts be E-mailed to the ICALEPCS'97secretariat at IHEP in Beijing with copies to Axel Daneels (CERN) and to thechairman of the american ISAC: Peter Clout (Vista, NM, US) or Dave Gurd (LANL,NM, US) ??

Abstracts should be published on the W3 a.s.a.p.

--> Afterthoughts concerning this point (R.Rausch): Abstracts should bepublished on the W3 after ISAC has completed their selectionand has themorganised into appropriate chapters.

h. Selection criteria for papers: unpublished, ...

The ISAC-Eur strongly recommends that papers be selected for their quality:better fewer papers but good ones. In sofar that this is possible one shouldcheck whether the papers that are submitted have not yet been published insimilar conferences. Authors could be asked to sign a declaration along this line (as happens in otherconferences).

6. Status of ESO' s VLT Project

The meeting ended on a video on theprogress of the ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) project and a visit at ESO'scontrol room.


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