Instructions for Speakers

The product of this Workshop is expected to be a comprehensive, authoritative report, which will be available on this Web site, as well as on CD-ROM. (No hard-copy version is planned.) This report will be prepared by the four Workshop organizers, using both the material provided by each speaker and that generated by each Working Group. This strategy allows the Working Groups and speakers to prepare a report in outline and summary form, to be incorporated into the full report. More extensive presentations of individual Working Groups or other outputs can be incorporated as individual write-ups and/or as links to other Web sites, if appropriate material exists there. We will also have the capability to continue to add to the Web site through time as more material is developed.

To help participants prepare for the Workshop, speakers are asked to provide informative abstracts for posting on the Web by October 15, 1997. The abstracts may contain figures and references, as appropriate, and should be submitted electronically, if possible, to If electronic submission is not possible, abstracts can be faxed to Susan Barr Strasser at 630.252.9250.

Each speaker is also asked to bring one hard copy and a complete electronic version of his presentation with him to the Workshop. (Although Word or Word-Perfect files are preferred, any text files can be accepted. Graphics are acceptable in any format except Auto-CAD.) In addition, speakers may provide any relevant or background materials, either in electronic form or as WWW links. As indicated above, the final report will be available on CD-ROM and the WWW. Ultimately, the Web site containing the report and relevant links should serve as an on-going clearing house for material on the development of FEL-based fourth-generation light sources.