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Vendors for the Eighth Users Meeting

April 15-17, 1997


10 Old Mine Rock Way
Hingham, Massachusetts 02043

Telephone: (617) 740-0223
Fax: (617) 740-4227
E-mail: @acsmotion.com

Contact person: Leopold Bric

Advanced Control Systems (ACS) designs and manufactures controllers and drivers for stepping motors. Emphasis on low noise, RFI-free designs in easy-to-use modular format has made ACS a leader in multi-motor applications on beamlines, goniometers, etc.


5808 N. St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60659-4408

Fax: (773) 583-7260

Contact person: Bud Botkin
Telephone: (773) 583-7979

Advent Associates, Ltd. is a Chicago-based manufacturers' representative, offering technical and sales service to users of high vacuum and UHV processes and/or environments.

Advent's product line includes: APD CRYOGENICS - cryopumps, open/closed-cycle refrigeration; HOVAC, INC. - oil-free pumping packages; FERRAN SCIENTIFIC - micropole RGA for pumping diagnostics and leak detection; INSULATOR SEAL - ceramic-to-metal sealed electrical and optical components; MDC VACUUM PRODUCTS - flanges, fittings, valves, custom chambers and components, e-beam evaporation sources and power supplies; MILL LANE ENGINEERING - custom-designed vacuum systems for physical vapor deposition; OSAKA VACUUM - turbomolecular pumps (helical, compound, and magnetic bearing types); PLASMA SCIENCES, INC. - small (tabletop) research systems for thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering and for reactive ion etching; SPECS, GmbH - components for surface analysis; sources for UV, x-ray, ions and electrons; electron analyzers and mass specs for XPS, AES, UPS, SAM, ISS, SNMS, and SIMS; TELEVAC - vacuum measurement and control instruments; diaphragm, convection, thermocouple, and ionization gauges and sensors. UHV cold-cathode and hot-filament ion gauges to the 10-11 Torr range; US, INC. - planar magnetron sputtering sources and power supplies.


117 Gordon Street
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007

Fax: (708) 439-0230

Contact person: Bill Batalden
Telephone: (708) 439-0380
E-mail: Bill@AJRindustries.com

A.J.R. Industries specializes in CNC machining, large capacity CNC jig boring, manufacturing and precision assembly of vertical stage and optical table assemblies. A.J.R. Industries currently maintains a MIL I 45208A quality system.


660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076-2099

Fax: (908) 233-1354

E-mail: BLAKEINDUSTRIESINC@worldnet.att.net

Contact person: David G. Rognlie
Telephone: (908) 233-7240

Blake Industries provides x-ray diffraction equipment and accessories for synchrotron and laboratory use including Huber rotary tables, goniometer heads, and beamline instrumentation accessories.


2511C Broadbent Parkway NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

Telephone: (505) 345-2660
Fax: (505) 345-2589

Contact Persons: Joel Anspach or Tom Tonnessen

E-mail: joel.e.anspach@boeing.com or tom.w.tonnessen@boeing.com

Rocketdyne designs, analyzes, and manufactures specialized optical components and systems for synchrotron radiation sources. Our products include cooled and uncooled optics up to 1.5 meters in length, cooled and uncooled silicon monochromator crystals, and mirror chambers and bender systems.

Optical surfaces include flats, spheres, cylinders, cones, toroids, and aspheres. Optics materials include: glasses, silicon, SiC, Ni:GlidCop, and other metals. Full thermal and mechanical analysis capabilities are also available. Optics have been delivered to most U.S. and International synchrotron facilities.


44036 South Grimmer Boulevard
Fremont, California 94538

Fax: (510) 623-7600

E-mail: Electrofusion@BrushWellman.com

Contact persons:

Christopher K. Dorn
(510) 661-9747

Edward Hefter
Applications Engineer
(510) 661-9714

Gordon Simmons
Engineering Manager
(510) 661-9715

Brush Wellman - Electrofusion Products was founded as Electrofusion Corporation in 1966 and has become the recognized world leader in fabrication and joining of specialty metals and materials including aluminum, copper, monel, steel, titanium, and beryllium. Our capabilities are focused on, but not limited to, engineering design, hot and cold sheet metal forming, atmospheric and vacuum brazing, electron beam and conventional welding, epoxy bonding, mass spectrometer leak testing, chemical and photoetching processes, and more. Our parent company, Brush Wellman, Inc., has been a recognized source for beryllium metal products since 1931. This relationship uniquely qualifies BW-Electrofusion as the only fully integrated source in the world for beryllium x-ray windows and vacuum assemblies for the analytical, medical, and scientific industries.


136 Park Drive
Barrington, Illinois 60010

Fax: (847) 516-4899

Contact persons: Henry B. Stanfield or Alan Burrill

Telephone: (847) 516-5830

Byron Ellis Associates, Inc. represents Physical Electronics vacuum products, Huntington Mechanical Laboratories vacuum components, Ceramaseal metal-to-ceramic seals and vacuum feedthroughs, and other quality vacuum system and component manufacturers.


800 Research Parkway
Meriden, Connecticut 06450

Fax: (203) 235-1347

Contact person: Dale Elmore

Telephone: (203) 639-2363

Canberra x-ray detectors have been used widely in fluorescence EXAFS and related applications for the past eight years. Canberra has recently introduced an Advanced Array Detector that provides vastly improved count rate performance when used with complementary high-rate amplifiers. Canberra will present information on these Advanced Array Detectors for hard and soft x-rays in sizes ranging up to 30+ channels.


1540 N. Old Rand Rd.
Wauconda, Illinios 60084

Telephone: (847) 526-6900
Fax: (847) 526-1221

Contact person: Michael O'Grady
Telephone: (630) 612-9673

Dearborn Valve and Fitting Company is the local distributor for the Swagelok Companies. These includes Swagelok tube fittings, Cajon face seal and pipe fittings, and Whitey and Nupro valves. We are an AMOS vendor. Visit our web site at www.swagelok.com or call Mike O'Grady at 630-612-9673.


800 Lancaster Ave.
Berwyn, Pennsylvania 19312-1780

Fax: (800) 283-2020

E-mail: info@goodfellow.com

Contact person: Stephen Aldersley
Telephone: (800) 821-2870

Goodfellow specializes in the supply of small quantities of metals and materials for R&D and prototype development. Metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics are available in a variety of forms including rod, wire, foil and powder. Our latest catalog is available as either a printed book or via the Web at http://www.goodfellow.com. This details our 4000+ standard items that are held in stock ready for immediate shipment throughout the world. In addition, we offer a custom-make service for those items that are difficult to source.


5615 S. Claremont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60636

Fax: (773) 476-8259

E-mail: 73233.1304@compuserve.com

Contact persons: Eric Sund or Greg Sund
Telephone: (773) 476-1080

Ideal Tool & Manufacturing Co. specializes in the design, fabrication, and inspection of large high-precision machined components. We are a 76-year-old company that has significant experience working with research laboratories.


P. O. Box 147
Stratham, New Hampshire 03885

Fax: (603) 778-9171

Contact person: Greg Stollstorff
Telephone: (603) 778-9161

Inel, Inc. specializes in curved position-sensitive detectors and diffractometer systems for x-ray diffraction. Curved PSD models include the CPS 120 for 120-degree simultaneous data collection at a radius of 250 mm and the CPS 590 for 90-degree simultaneous data collection at a radius of 500 mm. We represent Cilas, the world's leading manufacturer of neutron guides, and GMI, a subsidiary of Cilas, offering rotary tables, stages, and complete instruments for synchrotron and neutron beamlines.


1515 Worthington Avenue
Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025-2700

Fax: (412) 233-4275

E-mail: sales@lesker.com

Contact person: Bob Wehrle
Telephone: (800) 245-1656

Kurt J. Lesker Company offers the brand new AccuQuadTM, our own sophisticated, yet affordable, quadrupole RGA. Kurt J. Lesker Company is the exclusive North American agent for Vacuum Generators - for the best UHV flanges, components, hardware, chambers, and the Daresbury Laboratory x-ray monochromator; VG Microtech - for the finest 100 mm and 150 mm hemispherical energy analyzers and surface science components for XPS, AES, UPS, RVLEED, RHEED and angle-resolved UPS; and LK Technologies - for compact high resolution EELS and cylindrical deflector energy analyzers for high- resolution photoemission studies.


23842 Cabot Blvd.
Hayward, California 94545

Fax: (510) 887-0626

E-mail: sales@mdc-vacuum.com

Contact persons: Tom Bogdan
Telephone: (510) 887-6100

MDC Vacuum Products Corporation manufactures a full line of UHV stainless steel vacuum components described in a 360-page catalog. Full technical staff is maintained to assist with technical queations and the design and manufacture of custom components and chambers.

MDC's product line contains: flanges and fittings - Del-Seal-CF, ISO-LF, ASA, and wire seal with tees, crosses, elbows, glass adapters, etc.; valves - gate, right angle, butterfly, MESA rectangular and all metal angle; roughing - fourline traps, pumps, accessories; instrumentation - gauge controls, gauge tubes; accessories - tubing, bellows, couplings, quick-disconnects, ceramic and glass adapters; electrical feedthroughs - instrumentation, electrical RF power, liquid feedthroughs; motion feedthroughs - rotary, linear, port aligners, XYZ stages, fast-entry load-locks; chambers - feedthrough collars, bell jars, surface science chambers; custom engineering - custom chambers, special designs, modifications; electron beam sources, power supplies - complete line of high vacuum and UHV evaporation sources, single or multiple rotary pockets, DC switching power supplies up to 15 kW, spare parts, accessories.


1770 Kettering St.
Irvine, California 92614

Telephone: (714) 261-5600
Fax: (714) 261-7589

Melles Griot is a photonics company. We design, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of optical elements, opto-mechanical components, helium neon and diode laser assemblies, optical tables and breadboards, vibration isolation systems, fiber optic nanopositioning equipment, and laser beam measuring instrumentation. Melles Griot also provides state-of-the-art optical coating services and precision optical subsystems.


4601 West Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453

Fax: (708) 425-2612

Contact persons:

John G. Carusiello
Vice President - Operations
(708) 425-9080

Kenneth F. Wilson
Manager, Sales & Marketing
(708) 425-9080

Meyer Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. (MTM) is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic, high-vacuum and precision equipment for basic science, research, development, and industrial applications. This includes prototype and production, as well as unique systems, subsystems, assemblies and components. MTM has supplied a diverse array of equipment for the Advanced Photon Source program, including UHV chambers (integral shutter chambers, storage beam bump and beam bump kicker chambers, and upstream and downstream insertion device boxes), radio frequency subsystem components (input coupler assemblies, tuner assemblies and beam current transfer assemblies), front end supports and precision stages (beam pipe supports, beam position monitor supports, window supports, and vacuum equipment tables) and pressure vessels and piping.


201 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 15-1
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521

Fax: (630) 323-2142

Contact persons:


Hans Luedi or
Cynthia Positano
Illinois and Michigan
(630) 323-5399

John Raffl
Indiana, Michigan,
Ohio, and Missouri
(317) 848-5712

Fredrick Thompson
Minnesota, Wisconsin,
and Iowa
(612) 823-2649

Midwest Vacuum, Inc., represents manufacturers in vacuum and UHV-related fields. Products include RGAs, valves (from Viton to all metal), shutters, fast closing valves, bellows, components and fittings, translators, feedthroughs, crystals, scintillators, particle detectors, dry pumping systems, dry helium leak detectors (oil free), mechanical pumps, turbos, compound turbos, drag pumps, ceramics and components, and novel all-metal seals. The company is also active in special systems and fabrication.


1791 Deere Avenue
Irvine, California 92714

Telephone: (714) 253-1888
Fax: (714) 253-1650
E-mail: jstathis@newport.com

Contact person: Jim Stathis

Newport designs and manufactures a wide range of goniometers, rotation devices, and systems for x-ray diffraction applications. These include single-axis and Kappa and Eulerian geometry multi-circle general purpose diffractometers. Also offerred are slits and other accessories including metrology equipment for measuring sphere of confusion.

Newport also provides a full range of vibration-isolation tables, optical mounting hardware, and precision positioning equipment.


1800 NW 169th Place, Suite C100
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Telephone: (503) 629-8081
Fax: (503) 629-0688
E-mail: sales@omsmotion.com

Oregon Micro Systems produces multi-axis motion controllers for use in PC, VME, and stand-alone applications. Each of our programmable boards control up to eight stepper and/or servo motors.


1788 Northwood Dr.
Troy, Michigan 48084

Telephone: (810) 362-1290
Fax: (810) 362-4043
E-mail: jwood@osmic.com

Contact person: Jim Wood

Osmic manufactures Ovonyx™ multilayer optics for use in x-ray applications, such as spectroscopy, diffraction, lithography, astronomy, plasma diagnostics, and synchrotron research. Ovonyx™ synchrotron optics are used internationally as supermirrors, monochromators, polarizers, and focusing mirrors. These coated optics provide high reflectivity for selected x-ray energies between 50 eV and 100 keV and have excellent durability and stability.


Accelerator Technology Group

130A Baker Avenue Ext.
Concord, Massachusetts 01742

Fax: (508) 369-6616

Contact persons:

Robert Penn
Telephone: (508) 369-9933
E-mail: penn@oxford.usa.com

Dean Morris
E-mail: morris@oxford.usa.com

Oxford Instruments designs and manufactures specialized equipment for the high energy, particle and fusion physics communities, employing skills in ultrahigh vacuum, precision mechanical engineering, magnetism, and cryogenics.

Equipment manufactured for the Advanced Photon Source includes front-end components (photon shutters / beam position monitors / masks / beryllium windows / bremsstrahlung stops), beamline components (slits / integral shutters / filters / masks / windows), liquid nitrogen cryocoolers, a liquid gallium pumping system, and mirror vessels.

Our range of products for the synchrotron radiation community also includes custom designed monochromator systems including optics, insertion devices (both permanent magnet and superconducting), mirror systems including optics, superconducting magnets and laboratory cryogenics for experimental stations.


24 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, New Hampshire 03063

Fax: (603) 578-6500

Contact person: Steve Mueller
Telephone: (847) 259-6888

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the world's largest producer of turbomolecular pumps and has over 100 years of vacuum experience. Pfeiffer offers a complete line of turbomolecular, dry, rotary vane, roots and membrane pumps. Pfeiffer Vacuum is also the exclusive world-wide representative for Balzers Instruments including total pressure gauges, helium and gas leak detectors, mass spectrometers, gas analyzers, valves, and vacuum construction components.

North American operations, known as Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Inc., are located in Nashua, New Hampshire, and offer marketing, sales, service and repair. In addition, sales and service offices are located throughout North America with a major customer support center in Fremont, California.

The world headquarters of Pfeiffer Vacuum is located in Asslar, Germany. Arthur Pfeiffer pioneered the development of the mechanical vacuum pump in 1890 used in manufacturing incandescent light bulbs at the turn of the century. The world's first turbomolecular pump was introduced by Pfeiffer Vacuum in 1958.


Kegonsa Research Campus
3725 Schneider Drive
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589

Telephone: (608) 877-2251
Fax: (608) 877-2201

Contact persons:

Farshid Feyzi
(608) 877-2213

Don Holly
(608) 877-2207

Bill Mason
(608) 877-2264

The Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) is a self-supporting unit of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. PSL has designed and constructed double-crystal and spherical-grating monochromators, mirror chambers and front-end equipment for the APS. PSL does development, design, and construction of projects having mechanical, electrical, and scientific instrumentation components.


3660 Quakerbridge Road
Trenton, New Jersey 08619

Telephone: (609) 587-9797
Fax: (609) 587-1970

Contact person: Gary Hancock

Princeton Instruments (PI), established in 1981, is the world's largest manufacturer of scientific cooled CCD cameras for imaging and spectroscopy applications. All PI cameras are fully integrated with all the required controls and computer interface electronics. We also support the most popular computer platforms, such as PC, Macintosh, Sun Microsystems, and SGI Workstations.

At the Eighth Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source, Princeton Instruments will display cameras for x-ray powder diffraction and crystallography. These high-resolution, high-sensitivity cameras are supported by most of the popular computer platforms. PI will also exhibit their cooled CCD cameras, sensitive enough to use for photon estimation and detecting x-rays from soft x-rays to 60 keV and higher.


3995 Wilderness Place
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Telephone: (303) 413-3982
Fax: (303) 786-9909

Contact person: Francis Kelly
E-mail: fkelly@rsinc.com

Research Systems will provide a brief overview of our IDL (Interactive Data Language) and ENVI (the Environment for Visualizing Images) software.

IDL's features include advanced image processing, interactive 2D and 3D graphics, volume visualization, integrated mathematics and statistics, flexible data I/O, a cross-platform GUI tool kit, and versatile program linking tools - all accessed via a fourth-generation programming language.

Immediately gain insight from your data with IDL - advanced software for visualization, data analysis and application development. If you analyze data from images, experiments or tests, or, if you write applications for others to use, IDL will give you clear results faster.

ENVI is the most interactive, powerful and easy-to-use image processing package available for your remotely sensed data. Efficiently access and analyze any type of remote sensing data with ENVI - the most interactive, powerful and easy-to-use image processing package available. Discover more information and improve identification with ENVI's advanced hyperspectral and radar tool sets.

Research Systems' Visible Human CDs. The first complete male and female data sets containing digital references of photographic images for exploring human anatomy.


6300 Enterprise Lane
Madison, Wisconsin 53719-1173

Telephone: (608) 276-3000 or (800) 234- XRAY
Fax: (608) 276-3006

Contact person: Sue Byram

Siemens AXS manufactures x-ray diffraction detectors, goniometers, low and high temperature accessories, and software for single-crystal, polymer, and powder diffraction applications. Highlighted will be the SMART family CCD detectors - 1K, 2K, and mosaic - for crystallographic structures of proteins, inorganics, organics, and minerals. Software for analysis of single crystals, powders, polymers, SAXS/WAXS, and texture/stress will be demonstrated.


403 S. Hawley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214

Telephone: (800) 837-9270
Fax: (414) 771-9043

Founded in 1945 by Edward L. Simeth, a tool designer, we distribute about 30 related lines that include XYZ linear slides, linear bearings, steppers, servos, controllers, hydraulic clamping, linear motors, rotary motion devices, robotics, metal stamping products, tooling and fixturing components, and standard machine components. We specialize in the linear motion area for micron tolerances.


2513 Charleston Road, # 207
Mountain View, California 94043-1607

Telephone: (415) 903-9980
Fax: (415) 903-9887

Contact persons: Dr. William K. Warburton or Ms. Mark Ellen Daly

X-ray Instrumentation Associates develops and sells high performance components for x-ray experimentation. The current product line includes a 4-channel, high-speed digital x-ray spectrometer, with time-resolution option, for instrumenting multi-element detector arrays; a differential pump that suppresses the straight-through beam; and an in-hutch shutter/filter set with control electronics. We are introducing the DXP-1X, a stand-alone, single-channel digital x-ray spectrometer, with both shaping amplifier and multichannel analyzer, whose functions are all controlled via a PC parallel port.


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