Meeting Announcement: Synchrotron Radiation Satellite Meeting, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, August 4-7, 1996

General Information


General sessions will be held in the auditorium on the first floor of the APS Conference Center, Bldg. 402. Vendor exhibits will be in the lower level of the Center. The locations for poster sessions and social events will be listed in the program book, which will be available when you pick up your badge at on-site registration. Maps of the APS site and Conference Center will also be available at registration.



The conference fee includes continental breakfasts each day, lunches on Sunday through Tuesday, and the conference banquet on Monday evening. The Tuesday evening picnic is not included in the general registration fee. A list of local restaurants will be available at registration.


Telephones and Messages

Pay telephones are located in the atrium of Bldg. 401 (the APS central laboratory/office building) and on the lower level of Bldg. 402 (the APS conference center). Messages can be left for you at the registration tables; the telephone numbers there are 708/252-9580, 708/252-9851, and 708/252-9585. The messages will be posted on a bulletin board by the entrance to the auditorium. If you need to send or receive a fax, a fax machine is located in Bldg. 401, B1154 (the APS User Office). The number of this machine is 708/252-9250. Computer terminals will be set up in Bldg. 401, Room B1100 (located just off the atrium across from the User Office), for you to use to log in to your home computer.



Shuttle buses will run between the conference hotels and the APS Conference Center in the morning, at specified times during each day, and in the evening. Bus transportation will also be provided for the conference banquet. Limousine reservations can be made for you during the meeting by conference staff.



August weather in the Chicago area can be very warm, but evenings on the Chicago lakefront can be breezy and all meeting rooms are air-conditioned. You may want to dress in cool clothing but bring a light jacket.


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