International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems

Associated Scientific Meetings

This document describes three events which might be of interest to attendees are to be held in Chicago or the nearby area in the week after the conference.

IADBG Workshop on Databases for Accelerators

The International Accelerator Database Group will hold a post-conference workshop at Argonne November 6-8. The aims of the workshop are to:

For information on this workshop contact John Poole at CERN, poole@cernvm.cern.ch. Also see the Web page: http://www.cern.ch/IADBG/wshop95.html

Attendance at this workshop entails a nominal fee of $60, which may be paid together with the ICALEPCS registration. Please note that the Swissôtel is fully booked during the period of this workshop; it is suggested that participants stay in motels local to Argonne.

Workshop on Software Sharing

An EPCS sponsored workshop on software sharing was held at CERN in May 1995, gathering participants from laboratories in Europe, Japan and the US. This meeting was a sequel to the ICALEPCS 93 (Berlin) post-conference workshop on software sharing, a meeting at which a consensus was reached that a software bus which could become common for our control systems might be identified, and that such a product would represent a major step in our ability to share software. The next workshop in this series will be held in the Swissôtel on Saturday November 4.

The chief result of the CERN meeting was a conclusion that the most profitable single area in which to pursue sharing is at the level of the application programmer interface. Furthermore the CDEV product developed at CEBAF was designed exactly for the purpose of maintaining a common API while allowing varying underlying data collection mechanisms, and thus was a natural place to begin. The November 4 workshop will consist of technical discussions of how this sharing of CDEV concepts and code can be brought about. The more general question of a software bus will also be revisited.

Checking the interest box on the ICALEPCS registration form below will put you on the mailing list for a detailed agenda of this workshop. The Web version of this circular will also be updated as appropriate.

EPICS Collaboration Meeting

The next EPICS Collaboration Meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS) in Chicago. Some of our usual discussion items will be covered in the ICALEPCS proceedings as much of the work being performed by the collaborators will be presented at ICALEPCS. Be sure to attend the EPICS panel discussion, Session M3B, Monday at 1400.

This agenda has three parts:
EPICS Meeting Times and Topics
ICALEPCS Talks related to EPICS
Notes on the other meetings - software sharing meeting on Saturday & database meeting
There is no fee to attend and all evening activities are optional.

EPICS Agenda (with place holders for other meetings) - this needs some more material
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Please contact Bob Dalesio to be placed on the agenda. thanks.
Here is the preliminary collaboration meeting attendance list.

ICALEPCS Talks - relating to EPICS:

No information on the Posters that may be of interest is here.