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Volume 19, no. 2 - Fall 2001

Argonne's SBC provides a close look at life's construction workers Diagram of X-ray crystallography at teh APS
Evidence of human construction work is all around us: on the roads we travel, in the buildings we occupy and now even in outer space... But one form of "human construction" quietly does its job without making the daily news or creating the slightest bit of noise or inconvenience, unless its machinery goes highly awry.

This is the construction that has gone on inside every human cell - and probably every cell that has ever existed - since life began on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Right now these cellular construction workers, called ribosome's are at work in your eyes' retinal cells, producing the molecules that allow you to see this page. more >>


Volume 19, no. 1 - Summer 2001

Nanomaterials center to focus on the properties of tiny particles
Efforts to determine the properties of nanoscale materials and apply them to practical problems are among the hottest topics in science. Argonne is in the forefront of institutions pursing these topics and is expecting to build a Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) under the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

The Department of Energy is moving more quickly than anticipated to seek funding in fiscal year 2002 for the X-ray nanoprobe portion of Argonne's proposal for the center, Argonne has already received $300,000 for preconceptual planning, and the State of Illinois appropriated $2 million in its fiscal 2002 budget to support construction.
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X-ray beams etch smooth patterns in semiconductors
Argonne scientists are using X-rays from Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS) to cut tiny patterns in semiconductor material, creating a new way to constructsmooth, high-resolutionelectronic devices.

The APS is known as a tool for revealing the structure of proteins and other materials. But it is also being used for photolithography. more >>

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