APS Articles in Frontiers 2003

Frontiers was the annual publication of Argonne research highlights. This page contains Frontiers articles focusing on APS-related research.

Cover of Frontiers 2003

APS advances frontiers in many fields
The Advanced Photon Source already produces the nation's most brilliant X-ray beams for research, but Argonne scientists and engineers continue to make it even better. more >>

APS control software finds uses far afield
Software designed to control the intricacies of the APS has proven its flexibility far outside the laboratory. The software package now manages complex mechanical systems at more than 100 scientific and industrial sites worldwide, including flight simulators and microchip fabrication plants. more >>


Antiferromagnetic images seen in solids
Researchers from Bell Labs, NEC Research Institute and Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS) captured the first image of antiferromagnetism within a solid material. The technique they used could point the way to new advanced magnetic recording materials and technologies. more >>

Big project reveals secrets of tiny materials
A big project studying the characteristics of the very small will provide insight into new materials with unprecedented properties. These small systems can be only a few atoms wide and are measured in billionths of meters, or nanometers. more >>

Studying soot may minimize health hazards
Tiny soot particles, created when materials burn, create health problems and may contribute to thousands of premature deaths each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. more >>


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