APS Articles in Frontiers 2001

Frontiers was the annual publication of Argonne research highlights. This page contains Frontiers articles focusing on APS-related research.

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Brilliant X-Rays Reveal the Unknown
Discoveries at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS) over the past year have ranged from new insights into the human immune system to detection of an ancient forgery (see separate stories). more >>

Finding Fine Fields Could Mean Major Magnetic Manipulation
The ability of metal oxides to change electrical resistance in the presence of a magnetic fielda process called magnetoresistancehas long fascinated researchers. One group of metal oxides, manganese oxides, is of particular interest because its members exhibit colossal magnetoresistancea dramatic increase in electrical conductivity under a magnetic field. more >>

Images Show How the Immune System Recognizes an Enemy
Clues to how the immune system identifies enemy threats may lead to new ways to prevent some diseases. Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Harvard Medical School and Argonne examined key immune system cells, using Structural Biology Center instruments at the Advanced Photon Source. The APS provides the nation's most brilliant light for X-ray crystallography, a process that allows three-dimensional imaging of changes in crystals as they occur. more >>


Lasers Light Up the Future of Synchrotron Light Sources
Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS) is a third-generation synchrotron light source that currently produces the nation's most brilliant X-ray beams for studies in materials science, biological and environmental research. However, looking toward the future, the APS is also a leader in developing the technology for the next leap in X-ray brilliance, a new "fourth generation" of powerful synchrotron radiation light sources capable of producing hard X-raysthose with the highest energy and most penetrating powerwith a peak brilliance billions of times greater than currently available anywhere in the world. more >>

Modern Machine Solves Old Mystery: Metal “Fingerprint” Reveals Genuine Artifact
Innovative 21st century technology recently transported scientists and historians back to the 16th century in a search for truth. Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS) is able to reveal an object's composition, crystal structure and thickness without damaging the object. more >>

Protein Structures Solved Faster with More Detail than Ever
As scientists across the country finished "mapping" the human genome, Argonne researchers were already fine-tuning the technology to meet the next hurdle-slashing the time needed to determine the genome's three-dimensional structure. more >>

Surface Studies of Minerals Reveal Insight into Cleaning Contaminated Environments
Finding solutions to large-scale environmental problems often requires researchers to start small microscopically small. By studying the interactions of fluids with mineral surfaces at the molecular scale, Argonne scientists hope to learn more about larger-scale environmental processes. The interactions of mineral surfaces and fluids are crucial to the weathering of rocks, the formation of ore deposits and petroleum reservoirs, soil formation and plant nutrition, and the transport of contaminants through groundwater aquifers. more >>


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