What is Round, High-Tech, and Filled with Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation?

That's right! It's the SRI '95 Proceedings in CD-ROM format. After consulting with the SRI '95 Program and Scientific Advisory Committees and the APS Research Directorate, the organizers decided to publish the Proceedings in the Review of Scientific Instruments (RSI) in CD-ROM format. The motivation was threefold: to reverse the escalation in meeting costs; to achieve world-wide circulation for papers submitted to SRI '95; and to enter the post-Gutenberg era of publication and reduce the number of trees we store in our offices.

The SRI '95 Proceedings will be a peer-reviewed volume of the Review of Scientific Instruments (RSI) and will be published by the American Institute of Physics through an agreement with The University of Chicago, which operates Argonne National Laboratory. Gopal Shenoy and Joe Dehmer will serve as Co-Editors, with oversight by Tom Braid, Editor of RSI. The SRI '95 Proceedings issue of RSI will be distributed to all subscribers of RSI and it will appear in the major international abstracting services. Abstracts will be posted on WWW, so the entire international synchrotron radiation community can browse through the contents.

We are all on the steep part of the learning curve during this experiment. The editors ask authors to carefully follow the instructions they were sent and meet the tight deadlines. The papers can then be refereed and the Proceedings produced in a timely fashion. To facilitate using CD-ROMs, the organizers will set up demonstrations at the SRI '95 meeting and will provide instructions for reading and downloading articles from the CD-ROM and for ordering regular reprints from AIP.

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