Argonne Services Available

Among the services available to APS users are broad range of support services provided by Argonne's Electronics and Computing Technologies (ECT) Division. A full spectrum of computer systems support is available, e.g., design, installation, and maintenance of Macintosh, PC, and UNIX systems, as well as local-area networks. The ECT Division operates Argonne's computer network system and provides connections to external networks. They are currently introducing high-speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network services within the Laboratory, as well as ATM connections to external networks in order to meet the growing needs of Argonne and APS users. Electronics design, fabrication, and installation services are available, with emphasis on control, safety, and high-speed data-acquisition systems. In particular, ECT is currently developing the computer control and data-acquisition systems for the Structural Biology Center (SBC) CAT. ECT has considerable expertise in developing large-area CCD-based imaging detectors and is currently fabricating two advanced detector systems for SBC. ECT also operates Argonne's Central Shops, which have extensive machining and manufacturing capabilities to fabricate complex instrumentation needed by APS users. These services are available to ASP users who have user accounts and are provided on a full-cost-recovery basis. APS users interested in such services should contact the ECT Division directly (telephone: 708/252-7155; fax: 708/252-9689; or e-mail: Information on ECT services can also be found on the World Wide Web (URL:

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