Update: Installation Schedules for Front Ends and Beamline Components

Since the beginning of 1995, the Beamline Engineering Group from the APS Experimental Facilities Division has made considerable progress in the installation of beamline front ends and beamline components. Following is a summary update.

Front Ends: At the end of August, 25% of the front ends (FEs) had been installed. Front ends for the bending-magnet beamlines in Sectors 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, and 19 and the insertion-device beamline in Sector 1 had all been installed and vacuum integrated into the storage ring, and 1-BM and 1-ID FEs had been commissioned.

During the September shutdown of machine operations, the FEs for 3-ID and 13-BM were vacuum integrated and tested.

Components for the 2-ID and 3-ID FEs are now being aligned. These two FEs will also be ready for commissioning during the next operations period designated for beamline commissioning. Various front-end components for the 5-ID and 33-BM beamlines are also in place. By the end of calendar year 1995, 18 FEs (out of 40 total) are expected to be fully installed in the storage-ring tunnel.

Beamline Components: At the end of August, the following experimental enclosures were nearly complete (including the Personnel Safety Systems): 1-BM-A, 1-BM-B, 1-ID-A, 1-ID-B, and 1-ID-C. The radiation shielding was verified at low storage-ring currents for stations 1-BM-A and B with bending-magnet radiation and for insertion-device stations 1-ID-A and B with undulator radiation.

Planned work for the September shutdown also included painting and installation of utilities for stations 2-BM-A, 2-ID-A, 3-ID-A and B, and 12-ID-A.

-T. Kuzay
Experimental Facilities Division

Monochromatic beam station for UNI-CAT located on Sector 33.

White-beam stations for DND-CAT during the early phase of construction.

SRI-CAT Sectors 1 and 2 shown looking down the beamlines toward the ratchet wall penetrations

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