Construction Progress

With a target date of early October for substantial completion of both the APS central laboratory/office building (CLO) and the APS conference center, contractor crews are now working long hours, with plumbing and electrical work in their final phases. Drywall crews are essentially finished, and painters and carpet installers make major progress each day. The site has been graded and the parking lots have been paved. Furniture for the conference center will be installed during the first week in October, with CLO furniture scheduled for delivery in phases thereafter. APS staff members have begun to gear up for their move to the CLO in November.

All laboratory office modules (LOMs) are now beneficially occupied, and buildout work continues for individual CATs. Five CATs (BESSRC, CARS, DND, SBC, and SRI) have moved into their LOM offices, and three more (IMM, UNI, and PNC) have staff members located temporarily in LOM laboratories or at desks in the DND-CAT space as their buildouts progress.

Although the completion date for the user residence facility is officially in the late summer of 1996, work on this building is somewhat ahead of schedule. In response to user input and cost considerations, the APS incorporated double-occupancy rooms into the building's design. Although this modification has reduced the number of floors in one wing, the building will still provide beds for 240 persons.

An aerial view of the APS taken on August 22, 1995.

The APS central laboratory/office building and conference center as seen from the main APS access road (photo taken on September 27,1995).

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