User Residence Facility Construction Begins

On March 22, 1995, 13 APS users participated in a groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of construction on the APS user residence facility (URF). Located within walking distance of the APS experiment hall, the URF will accommodate more than 200 APS users and visitors on either a daily or long-term basis. The building is scheduled for completion in September 1996.

Present plans call for the URF to consist primarily of single and group units. The group units (see floor plan) will contain four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living/dining area, and a kitchenette equipped with a sink, cabinets, and a microwave oven. All units will contain video and data links to the experiment hall. The ground floor of the URF will feature a 200-seat dining room, a conference room, a large lounge with an adjacent food vending area, and a self-service laundry. Also included will be a sundry shop where residents can purchase newspapers, snacks, and personal items. An interaction area adjacent to the elevators is planned for each residential floor. Several rooms have been designed to accommodate residents with special needs. Although most of the planning for the URF is complete, several options are under consideration. These include providing two twin beds instead of one double in some rooms, placing an ATM machine in the lobby, and establishing a bicycle path connecting the URF with the other APS facilities.

Click Here APS Users symbolically break ground for user residence facility construction. From left to right: Denis Keane, John Quintana, Joe Georgopoulos, Wayne Hendrickson, Alan Goldman, Sunil Sinha, Doon Gibbs, Pedro Montano, Alec Sandy, Steve Heald, Gordon Knapp, Rich Hewitt, and Mark Beno.

Click Here Artist's drawing shows completed URF.

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