Two More CATs Sign MOUs

During May, two more CATs joined those that have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the APS. On May 11, representatives from PNC-CAT (Pacific Northwest Consortium-CAT) met with David Moncton, Associate Laboratory Director for the APS, for a signing ceremony, becoming the 11th CAT to do so. CAT Director Edward Stern from the University of Washington reflected on the steps leading to this accomplishment and expressed his thanks to the APS, the Department of Energy, and his colleagues at CAT member institutions. Daryl Crozier, speaking on behalf of Simon Fraser University and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), commented that both NSERC and Simon Fraser University are very pleased to be involved in the synchrotron radiation research that will be possible with PNC-CAT at the APS, especially in view of the opportunities for international collaboration and the training of Canadian scientists.

May 24 saw a gathering of MR-CAT (Materials Research-CAT) representatives for the next MOU signing at the APS. CAT Director Bruce Bunker expressed his pleasure with the assembled team, pointing out the unprecedented possibilities for university faculty and students (from Notre Dame, the University of Florida, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Northwestern University), industrial colleagues (from Amoco), and national laboratories (Argonne's Chemical Technology Division). David Moncton welcomed MR-CAT to the APS experiment hall floor, congratulating MR-CAT on its efforts so far. Currently, 12 CATs have signed MOUs, making a total of 16 sectors now committed.

Click Here (From left) Stephen Ellis, Edward Stern, and Alvin Kwiram, all from the University of Washington, discuss scientific opportunities with David Moncton (APS) following the signing of the PNC-CAT's MOU with the APS.

Click Here (From left) Anthony Hyder (Notre Dame), James Laidler (Argonne/Chemical Technology Division), Karen Holbrook (University of Florida), Bruce Bunker (University of Notre Dame), Hassan Nagib (Illinois Institute of Technology), David Moncton (APS), and Michael Deveney (Amoco) smile as they display the MOU signed on May 24, 1995.
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