Meet the APS Floor Coordinators

Frank Bellinger has been with the APS for 1-1/2 years-six months as a field engineer in the Conventional Facilities Group and one year with the User Technical Interface Group (UTIG) as a Floor Coordinator. Frank serves as secretary to the Beamline Design Review Committee and participates in the evaluation of various aspects of beamline design. He also serves as secretary for the Experimental Facilities Radiation Safety Committee. Before coming to the APS, Frank worked at Argonne as a facility manager for the Applied Accelerator Programs Group of the Engineering Physics Division.

Rod Salazar came to the APS in August 1993 to work for the XFD X-Ray Optics Group in the group's x-ray and crystal-fabrication labs. He transferred to the UTIG a year later. Previously, Rod had worked in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Group at Amoco Corp.'s research center in Naperville, Ill.

Tim Smith recently transferred from the Accelerator Systems Division of the APS, where he worked for more than two years in the Diagnostics Group. He came to the APS from the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) in Newport News, Virginia, where he spent about four years as a systems integration engineer. Before joining CEBAF, Tim worked on an accelerator program at Los Alamos as a systems engineer.

Bob Ferry, the newest APS Floor Coordinator, also recently transferred from the Accelerator Systems Division, where he worked for five years, ultimately as the head installation coordinator for the APS storage ring. He came to the APS from Fermilab's Accelerator Division, where he worked as a member of the Cryogenics Group from 1972 to June 1990.

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