Floor Coordinators Responsibilities

Floor Coordinators are the primary point of contact between the APS and the user community when it comes to technical matters. Their basic responsibility is to facilitate user activities by providing technical support. They coordinate APS and ANL services as provided by electricians, pipe-fitters, carpenters, painters, and building maintenance personnel and arrange operational support for CAT beamlines, particularly in the areas of safety and quality assurance. Floor Coordinator responsibilities also include arranging for hoisting and rigging, assisting with the transportation of hazardous materials, facilitating user access to the APS X-Ray Optics Fabrication and Characterization Facility, providing off-hours access to the APS stockroom, and assisting with purchases made using the Argonne Materials Ordering System (AMOS). Floor Coordinators also assist CAT personnel who are not yet on-site by providing technical information, overseeing CAT-related shipments to the APS, helping to facilitate LOM build-out activities, and assisting CATs in moving into their assigned areas at the APS.

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