High-Speed Data Line Links Argonne, U. of Chicago

A new high-speed data link between Argonne-East and the University of Chicago has made data transmission between the institutions 22 times faster than before. The link is part of the Midwest Research and Education Network (MREN), being developed to allow researchers to share data easily and to use remote computing facilities. MREN's first initiative is a new high-speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) link connecting Argonne and the University of Chicago. The link was developed in partnership with Ameritech Advanced Data Services. Data transmission rates of 34 megabits per second between Argonne and the university have been achieved, 22 times the best previous transmission rate.

Researchers at the University of Chicago will be using this new network capability to access resources and collaborate with Argonne facilities and organizations like the Advanced Photon Source (APS), High-Energy Physics, and Mathematics and Computer Science. Potential applications include joint APS beamline development, high-performance computing, high-energy physics, atmospheric and climate research, and x-ray crystallography.

Any computer connected to Argonne's laboratory-wide network can take advantage of the new link to the university, according to Project Manager Linda Winkler. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will be connected to MREN, enabling high-speed communications between all three sites. Future plans include additional links to other institutions in the Midwest.

This article was reprinted from the March 6, 1995, issue of Argonne Week with permission.

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