Beamline Commissioning Workshop Held

The APS Experimental Beamline Commissioning Tutorial Workshop, held on May 16 at the APS, described the entire process for commissioning of CAT beamlines. More than 60 representatives from all 15 APS CATs attended the workshop, which was presented by staff from the APS Experimental Facilities Division. It began with an overview by Gopal Shenoy, in which he described APS and CAT responsibilities. Tony Rauchas then discussed safety considerations, and John Hawkins described the Personnel Safety System (PSS). The commissioning process itself was reviewed in some detail by Gopal Shenoy, who explained the forms to be used to document the process at each stage. Steve Davey discussed configuration control and floor coordination, focusing on documentation and the configuration-change process. The workshop ended with a description by Tony Rauchas of commissioning experiences to date-specifically, experience with the SRI-CAT bending-magnet beamline in Sector 1. Participants were furnished with a workshop manual containing copies of all material presented; this manual was intended to supplement the detailed commissioning manual previously furnished to all CAT Directors. A summary of workshop questions and answers was also prepared following the meeting. Copies of this summary, as well as copies of the workshop manual itself, are available upon request from the APS User Office.

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