APSUO Seeks Nominees for Steering Committee

Nominees are currently being sought for the APS Users Organization (APSUO) Steering Committee. This Committee, which meets quarterly at the APS, functions on behalf of all APS users and conducts the business of the APSUO. It consists of 12 individuals, six of whom are elected at each APS Users Meeting. Terms of office are roughly three years because Users Meetings have traditionally been held at approx-imately 18-month intervals. The next Steering Committee election will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 1995, during the business meeting portion of the Seventh Users Meeting for the APS. A nominating committee, chaired by Mark Rivers (the University of Chicago), is currently soliciting nominations. Anyone interested in Steering Committee membership or in suggesting nominees should contact Mark Rivers (rivers@cars3.uchicago.edu) or either of the other two Nominating Committee members, Gabrielle Long (gabrielle@enh.nist.gov) and Steven Ealick (see3@cornell.edu). Nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the business meeting.

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