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Argonne News 2000 Articles

Argonne News is the Argonne weekly employee newsletter. This page contains Argonne News articles that focus on the APS.

University of Chicago to honor eight for distinguished performance (Jun. 23)
Eight Argonne employees will receive the highest honor the University of Chicago awards to Argonne employees.

Four to receive Outstanding Service Awards (Jun. 23)
Four Argonne employees will be honored with University of Chicago Outstanding Service Awards at a ceremony Thursday, July 13.

APS authenticates Adler's ancient astrolabe (Jul. 24)
Scientists at Argonne have used 21st century technology to unravel a mystery dating back to the 16th century. Researchers determined which of two identically marked astrolabes, pre-telescopic astronomy tools, was genuine throughthe use of Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (APS).

APS X-rays tapped for protein, drug studies (Aug. 7)
A new research facility at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source will be built around the first commercially owned and operated beamline in the world devoted to high-throughput X-ray crystallography.


Rodney Gerig takes reins at Accelerator Systems (Oct. 9)
Rodney E. Gerig has been appointed director of the Accelerator Systems Division (ASD) of Argonne's Advanced Photon Source.

X-rays show heavy metal, Beethoven a bad mix (Oct. 30)
Argonne researchers have confirmed that Ludwig con Beethoven's years of chronic illness may have been due to lead poisoning.

Clues to microbial role in ore deposits seen (Dec. 4)
Probing the microscopic life found in the submerged recesses of an abandoned Wisconsin lead and zinc mine, scientists from Argonne and the Universityof Wisonsin-Madison have found compelling evidence that microorganisms play a key role in the formation of mineral deposits.

Gabrielle Long named 2000 Mayer scholar (Dec. 18)
Materials physicist Gabrielle Long will joinArgonne as the Maria Goeppert Mayer Distinguished Scholar beginning in January.