APS Sectors and Research Teams Directory

Sectors at the APS are either managed and operated by X-ray Operations and Research (XOR) groups in the X-ray Science Division, or by a Collaborative Access Team (CAT).

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Sector 1XSDMaterials Physics and Engineering431-A
Sector 2XSDMicroscopy431-B
Sector 3XSDInelastic X-ray and Nuclear Resonant Scattering431-D
Sector 4XSDMagnetic Materials431-E
Sector 5DND-CATDuPont-Northwestern-Dow Synchrotron Research Center432-A
Sector 6XSDMagnetic Materials432-B
Sector 7XSDTime-Resolved Research432-D
Sector 8XSDTime-Resolved Research432-E
Sector 9XSDInelastic X-ray and Nuclear Resonant Scattering433-A
Sector 10MR-CATMaterials Research CAT433-B
Sector 11XSDStructural Science433-D
Sector 12XSDChemicals and Materials Science433-E
Sector 13GSECARSConsortium for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS)434-A
Sector 14BioCARSConsortium for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS)434-B
Sector 15ChemCARSConsortium for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS)434-D
Sector 16HP-CATHigh Pressure CAT434-E
Sector 17IMCA-CATIndustrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association435-A
Sector 18Bio-CATBiophysics CAT435-B
Sector 19SBC-CATArgonne Structural Biology Center435-D
Sector 20XSD/PNCSpectroscopy435-E
Sector 21LS-CATLife Sciences CAT436-A
Sector 22SER-CATSouth East Regional CAT436-B
Sector 23GM/CA-CATGeneral Medicine and Cancer Institutes CAT436-D
Sector 24NE-CATNortheastern CAT436-E
Sector 26CNM/XSDCenter for Nanoscale Materials437
Sector 30XSDInelastic X-ray Scattering437
Sector 31LRL-CATLRL CAT438-A
Sector 32XSDImaging438-B
Sector 33XSDSurface Scattering and Microdiffraction438-D
Sector 34XSDSurface Scattering and Microdiffraction438-E