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Beamline 23-BM-B: Sector 23 - Bending Magnet Beamline

Life Sciences


This beamline supports macromolecular crystallography, MAD/SAD phasing, and high-throughput sample screening. An ALS-style sample automounter accommodates ALS-Hampton pins in ALS, Unipuck, or Rigagu pucks. The beamline is equipped with an on-axis-microscope allowing parallax free alignment.


Supported Techniques

  • Macromolecular crystallography

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

The GM/CA JBluIce-EPICS user friendly interface retains the look of the original SSRL BluIce, but has been completely rewritten in JAVA at GM/CA to run on EPICS, VME EPICS/MEDM low level interface, PMAC Turbo motion control, and Linux workstations for data collection and processing (Stepanov, et.al. Acta. Cryst. D. 67, 176-188). The JBluIce-EPICS software is an open source available for downloading from GM/CA-CAT files depository.


  • MAR 300 CCD
  • Ketek SDD for fluorescence spectroscopy

Additional Equipment

  • Sample automounter BAM-2
  • On-axis-visualizer

Local Contacts

Name ROBERT F. FISCHETTI (Associate Division Director)
Phone 630.252.0660
Name CRAIG OGATA (Crystallography)
Phone 630.252.0675
Name SHEILA Y. TRZNADEL (Administration)
Phone 630.252.0662

Beamline Specs


Bending Magnet

Monochromator Type


Energy Range

12.5-12.75 keV

Resolution (ΔE/E)

2 x 10 -4

Flux (photons/sec)

2 x 1011 @12.5 keV

Beam Size (HxV)


200µm x 200µm

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