ASD General Information

APS Resources & Information
A list of useful links for APS staff and users.

APS Technical Publications
Links to APS technical publications.

APS Publications Database
The official and comprehensive source of references for APS-related journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, dissertations, abstracts, awards, invited talks, etc.

Image Library
A collection of APS images.

Responsibilities & Interfaces for APS Technical Systems
Descriptions of the responsibilities of APS technical groups and how they interface with one another.

APS Procedures
Operational procedures for the APS.

APS Specifications
Specifications and approvals for upgrades or changes to existing APS hardware and software.

APS Radiation Safety Policy & Procedures Committee Minutes
Minutes of RSPPC meetings.

APS/ANL Online Forms
Links to commonly used APS and ANL online forms and templates.

ASD Administrative Documents
Selected ASD administrative documents put online for quick reference.

ASD Design Reviews & Projects
Documentation from past, present, and ongoing ASD design reviews and projects.

ASD All-Hands Presentations
Viewgraphs of recent ASD All-Hands meetings held prior to shutdowns.