Injector Studies 

The next Injector Studies Period starts -

Wednesday, November 5th at 08:00am and ends Tuesday, November 11th at 08:00am.
Please send your Injector Studies Request to Stan Pasky by October 27th.

Prior to and during this November Injectors Studies Period we will be trying to support work that still remains to be completed for PCGun Beam Operations and preparing our Injector Test Stand for the RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC THz experiment.

With that in mind - I still want to offer time for your request as well. I understand that this is unusual but under the circumstance I need your request a.s.a.p. to be able to put together an accurate schedule.

Thank You

-- -- Stanley Pasky --

Principal Chief of Operations:
Linac/PAR, Booster & Injector Test Stand
ASD/AOP Critical Component System Manager
Room B2150
work: (630) 252-1768
fax: (630) 252-5703
pager: 4-1768
cell: 815-341-3406