Injector Studies Request 

The next Injector Studies Period starts Tuesday, July 12th at 08:00am and ends Monday, July 25th at 08:00am.

Please send your Injector Studies Request to Stan Pasky by Friday, July 7th,  sooner is better!

These requests will be comprised of:

1) Maintenance and other requests that are compatible/incompatible with the presence of beam in one or more accelerator enclosures.
2) All work performed under the purview of the APS work request system falls into this category. This includes work requiring access into any accelerator enclosure.
3) Incidental work e.g. ioc reboots, etc., that are not covered under the normal work request system, but which require the absence of beam (will be required to make a formal request).

To minimize the impact on studies following yours, please add enough time to your request to restore operating parameters, such as conditioning power supplies (usually takes 15-20 minutes), adjusting RF systems, etc.

5) Please be prepared to give MCR operators a brief and concise summary of your studies when they are completed. Of particular importance are any changes to operating parameters, the reasons for the changes and whether they should remain in place during User Operations. The operators will be recording this information under a special category in the logbook.

All requests received will be reviewed, and a draft schedule will be posted to the web by July 11th. Once this draft schedule has been posted, no new work will be allowed to be added to the schedule, other than late breaking operations critical work, which will be dealt with on a "case-by-case basis".

Also ----Please indicate if you can/want to perform your studies on Saturday and Sunday. (No tunnel accesses during this period)!
Thank You  

-- Stanley Pasky --
Principal Chief of Operations:
Linac/PAR, Booster & Injector Test Stand
ASD/AOP Critical Component System Manager

Bldg 401, Room B2150 work: (630) 252-1768 fax: (630) 252-5703
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