Linac RF conditioning in accordance with the following instruction:


1.     Keep "RF Gate width" at 4.5 us. (for L4 and L5)


2.     Keep PFN voltage at 30 kV, increase klystron output (forward) power by 0.2 to 0.3 *MW* steps every 10 to 15 minutes by adding drive power.


3.     After klystron saturation is reached (adding drive power will not affect klystron output power level any more), or drive power level is close to 200 W, lower drive power to about 150 W and start  increasing PFN voltage adding 0.1 kV (one click) on PFN every 10 to 15 minutes.


4.     Continuously monitor L4/L5 vacuum strip charts; if more than two vacuum spikes are present within the window and/or vacuum spikes reach 1e-6 range, vacuum is active (the system is outgassing), and you should slow down and wait few minutes before resuming conditioning.


5.     If vacuum is calm and better than 1e-7, speed up the process: increase klystron output power level every 5 to 10 minutes.


6.     In case of vacuum or VSWR trip, lower drive power (increase "Attn Ctrl" voltage by 0.5 V) or lower PFN voltage by 1 kV, wait until vacuum becomes better than 1e-7, reset the trip and continue conditioning.


7.     In case of "Arc detector" trip, increase "Attn Ctrl" by 1.0 V or lower PFN voltage by 3 kV, reset trip and try to gradually restore previous power level. If "Arc detector" trip occurs second time, reset trip as directed above but return the sector to normal operating pfn value of 30kV with a SLED forward power of ~40MW.


8.     Log all trips and abnormal behavior events in the Logbook.